A unique unity ceremony idea for breakfast lovers

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How about breakfast for two? Couples serving tray by FaircraftUSA

I'm always impressed by the unique unity ceremony ideas I see from our readers. I mean, have you seen our unity ceremony archive? There is no shortage of wildly creative wedding rituals, from balloon-fasting to chemistry unity ceremonies and even log-cutting. But the one unique unity ceremony idea that I haven't seen yet (and am officially OBSESSED with) is…

A grits unity ceremony. Yes, GRITS. I'm a Georgia girl who's a sucker for that classic Southern breakfast staple. So when Gabrielle (@whimseywhisp) casually mentioned their grits wedding ritual on this sandwich unity ceremony Instagram post, I had to know more.

Not only did her grits ceremony sound DELOISHES, but it was incredibly meaningful and full of great breakfast metaphors for marriage. Just wait until you read the ceremony script Gabrielle shared for this unique unity ceremony idea.

Let's tuck into this unique unity ceremony idea!

Officiant: Gabrielle and Ramsey have known each other for over 10 years. One of the first things that brought them together was the making of breakfast. Essential to southern breakfasts are grits. 

Ramsey and Gabrielle take turns pouring the yellow and white grits into a clear container on a table to the right of the Chuppah.

Officiant: Grits are simple, but they can’t be eaten on their own. They need salt and pepper to bring out their true flavor.

Ramsey pours in the salt, and Gabrielle pours in the pepper.

Officiant: Cooking together requires patience, timing, and communication, much like a good marriage. Both cooks must be willing to collaborate with one another, to bring in new ideas and ingredients to create the best possible meal. Sometimes, even with all the right ingredients, the meal doesn’t quite turn out the way it’s supposed to. Toast can burn, eggs can stick, and bacon can get soggy. The trick is to be willing to try again to get it right, and not to expect perfection every time.

Did you have a breakfast-inspired wedding ritual? Share your unique unity ceremony idea with us below!

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