Steal this idea: honoring Covid wedding couples on the dance floor

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This weekend I went to a friend’s wedding in Chattanooga, Tennessee and they had the most thoughtful reception idea to honor folks who got married during the height of COVID-19! 

Here's how it went:

While we were all busting moves on the dance floor, the bride and groom came on the mic to make an announcement. Here's a paraphrasing of what they said:

We realize we are so lucky to be able to gather with our friends and family to celebrate our wedding day. We also acknowledge that because of the pandemic, there are many folks here today who had to celebrate their wedding with limited guests and resources. 

So tonight we’d like to invite all couples to the dance floor who didn’t get to have a first dance at their wedding. Everyone else, please lovingly step to the side. To our Covid couples, this song is for you.

It was such a sweet moment and I could tell the couples on the dance floor were truly touched by the bride and groom’s thoughtfulness. I definitely saw some teary eyes as they had their “first dance”!

It wasn’t that long ago we were forced to celebrate weddings with a limited number of people. I thought this reception idea was a beautiful and thoughtful way to honor couples who got married during Covid, especially those who couldn’t have their loved ones witness their first dance.

Dedicating a first dance song to newlyweds who got married during Covid is a cool way to honor couples at your (almost?) post-pandemic wedding. So, now we want to know…

What did you do for your first dance? 

If you had great idea, we want to hear it! Tell us in the comments below. 

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