These boxing poster invitations make me punch-drunk!

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Offbeat Bride reader Laurel created these vintage boxing poster inspired invitations and I think they're a knock out. (Get it? Get it? Yikes.)

Laurel says:

I was kind of disappointed in the options I had for invitations, especially given our budget. So since I've been working with Photoshop since I was a freshman in college, I decided to give it a go myself. I had these characters based on my fiancé and I from Marvel Superhero Maker and looking at them I thought they would be great to use in the invites. (Our themes are vintage Ska and comic books.)

So I decided to DIY my wedding invitations!

I experimented with a few options and eventually took the background from an old boxing marquee and switched things up to fit my needs. Our colors are black and blue as well, which is what my fiancé will look like after I beat him horribly at “Our First Rock Band” in lieu of a first dance!”

Laurel, you KICKED ASS (again, Megan? really?) with these amazing invites! For anyone who wants to make something similar, I'd suggest contacting an illustrator who does custom wedding invitations, like one of these folks.

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  1. That is great!

    by the way, we have the same wedding date. I just realized how cool it is to connect with brides having the same date. I'm sure I"ll be caught up in my own world on that day, but it will also be fun to imagine all of our parties on that day too. To know that there are other brides experiencing the similar events and emotions on the same day is kind of comforting and fun. 🙂

  2. I have used that Marvel Superhero Maker before for costume renderings. Great invites! Love them~

  3. Hey! I think this is about the most fantastic idea that I have ever seen! Being a photoshop junkie myself I had to do my own version for our upcoming wedding. I hope that you (and the Marvel website) don’t mind!

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