Find out how Borrowed By Design is like the AirBnB of wedding dresses!

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Ready to have everything you know about wedding dress shopping get completely blown out of the water? Our sponsor Borrowed by Design is an online community set up to rent formal wear between members. It's kind of like the AirBnB of fancy dresses!

Find out how you can slip into something amazing for your wedding without breaking your bank, getting the “what do I do with this now?” blues, AND take advantage of their early-adopter special deal…


Jennifer Bluemling, the co-founder and co-CEO, explained this genius biz idea:

I know that I was an Offbeat Bride myself, and I was constantly on your site trying to find lower budget options and creative ways of reusing items. Our concept started out of a need to find a formal dress for a volunteer event and one of our co-founders, Kat, wanted an easy place to find someone built like her to borrow a dress for just one night. At that time, there was no option to do this online or offline. That was our “ah-ha!” moment and we've been building the Borrowed by Design community ever since.


Here's how it works:

For dress sellers

  1. Create an online profile
  2. List as many dresses as you'd like for free (Borrowed by Design‘s only fee is 15% once a dress is actually rented).
  3. The online form collects all important information on each dress, from the size and length, to the type of occasion and designer.

For dress borrowers

  1. Find dresses on Borrowed by Design at a fraction of what you would pay from to buy one outright.
  2. You can search for dresses based on price, color, size, or brand to find just what you want to borrow.
  3. You'll get weeks to wear the dress, and all you have to do is just drop it back in the mail to the dress-owner when you're done.

It's a pretty simple process with a mind-easing money-back guarantee.


Special discount WUT!?:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Borrowed by Design knows that a ton of our readers have amazing blogs of their own. Since they're trying to grow their community, Borrowed By Design will offer a blog exchange for a rental credit up to $100 on their platform. If you are interested in featuring them on your own web space, contact them (via [email protected]) and they will credit you when it goes live!


Whether you're looking for a '50s tea party wedding dress, a ball gown, or a variety of bridesmaid dresses for your wedding party, give Borrowed By Design a whirl! Or, if you've already had your epic wedding, or been a bridesmaid and have dresses in your closet, list them on Borrowed By Design and start making money off your fashions!

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