Turn up the heat with 13 bonfire weddings

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Photo from Dori & Ben's Jewish, vegan, eco-friendly wedding and bonfire by Mindy Myers

Come out of the woodwork, bonfire lovers! I've got a dozen bonfire-y weddings for you to ogle. After their weddings, our Offbeat Brides have cozied up to anything from tiny lil' firepits to roaring infernos. They've played croquet nearby, shown off their hooping skills, and drank tastefully from kegs. One even had a fire dancer light the blaze for the evening. See a photo you really like? Click on it to explore the wedding where it came from!

Not enough? Want more? Fine. Go roam around our bonfire archives. Take a s'more with you.

13. Croquet and a glass of wine. It's a good way to start off an evening.

Kristi and CJ wedding (79)
Photo from Kristen & Charlie's farmyard, bluegrass, eco, afternoon affair by Shane Snider

12. Arrive at your bonfire in appropriate style.

Photo from Lindzy & Davido's river camp wedding by Jeffrey Hubis Photography

11. Planning an enormous bonfire? Provide extra long marshmallow sticks.

Kick-Off Ball and Bonfire
Photo from Becki & Jeremy's Wild West Frontier Wedding by Becki Burnett

10. Eating next to a fire is THE best.

Photo from From proposal to reception, this wedding's all about whiskey by Erica Camille Productions

9. A bonfire is an excellent excuse to trade your formal wedding gear for sweaters and scarves.

Photo from Dori & Ben's Jewish, vegan, eco-friendly wedding and bonfire by Mindy Myers

8. Bonfire lighting courtesy of your friendly neighborhood fire dancer.

Our guests were in complete awwwwww
Photo from Theresa & Anderson's LuvFest 2010 camping music festival wedding by Geeky Gal 443

7. What constitutes a perfectly roasted marshmallow? The debate rages on.

Marshmallow Roasting
Photo from Helen & Steve's laid-back Hobbity pinwheel wedding by Mikki Schaffner

6. Just hooping it up next to a bonfire. Like you do.

Noffsinger Wedding
Photo from Stacey & Ben's family farm home-grown wedding by Bob Donnan

5. Gaze into the flickering light with your loved one at your side.

Photo from A cerulean hillside paradise wedding in Slovenia by Marjan Krebelj Photography and Design

4. Bonfire on a beach. There's just nothing like it.

Photo from Carol & Jonathan's laid-back log cabin beach wedding by Vanishing Moments

3. Large or small, make sure your bonfire has stuff for s'mores.

fire pit
Photo from Scooter & Robert's small rustic wedding by Black, White and Raw Photography

2. Prepackaged s'more materials presented by a tiny robot. SQUEE.

Photo from Robots, I Spy, s'mores, and a secret get-away table by Tonhya Kae

1. Remember to toast your partner in addition to your marshmallows.

Bonfire and beer
Photo from Swing your partner, grab a beer from the keg, then have a seat at the bonfire for this Virginia wedding by Mathy Shoots People

So who's planning to wrap up their wedding celebration with a bonfire or two? Are you going to stay in your wedding clothes or change into something more bonfire-y? Will you favor beer or whiskey? Do you burn your marshmallows or don't you?

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  1. Bonfires are the best! Could use one right about now with the chilly weather!!

    (And the properly roasted marshmallow is blackened on the outside so you can pull off that outer shell to eat, then roast the next layer and repeat until gone…) 😀

  2. The s’more debate! Golden brown all around.

    Beach bonfires are the best. My biggest worry would be a wedding with a bonfire and heavy drinking!

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