All images from Chrisst on Etsy.
All images from Chrisst on Etsy.

Are you looking for a cover-up for your colder weather wedding without sacrificing style? Babies, I've got you covered: check out Etsy Seller Chrisst's amazing selection of boleros, shrugs, and collars. These styles work for vintage, Steampunk, goth, rocker, or fantasy styles, and quite possibly anything in between. Any of these pieces can really add some KAPOW to your wedding outfit, and you can wear them again and again with other outfits (how about dressing up your sexytimes? Lingerie + bolero = major unf). Let's get inspired by the pretty, shall we?


Lace and tulle sleeveless bolero
Lace and tulle sleeveless bolero

These lilac lace and tulle boleros would make a great vintage and colourful addition to your outfit, whether you're going all vintage or you just want a touch. Check out a similar option in pink. I'm picturing this as the piece that takes a simple dress, skirt, or pants-and-top outfit to the next level of gorgeous for your wedding, and then any other time you wanna get fancy.


 Black velvet Steampunk-inspired bolero
Black velvet Steampunk-inspired bolero

Velvet, long-sleeve, on-point style for your Steampunk wedding in chillier weather. Wear it at your wedding, then incorporate it into your cosplay! And check out even more options, like this riding jacket.


PVC and tulle vest in blackand in white
PVC and tulle vest in black and in white

Elegoths, rejoice in these kick-awesome vests (also available in lilac for you Pastel Goths). If you're more TradGoth, try this on for size. Or are you looking for more spikes and chains? Maybe latex?


Tulle and fleecy shrugs
Tulle and fleecy shrugs

If your style is leaning more toward a fairytale dream, I bet I got your attention with that tulle prettiness in white. If you're thinking less fairy and more dragon, the fleece bolero on the right makes me think of Middle Earth's Fall/Winter Runway line.

Rocker or Punk

Leather-look bolero
Leather-look bolero

If like me you can't be parted from your leather (or leather-look) jacket, this might be the perfect substitution if you want to dress it up for your wedding day. But I'm so in love with this jacket that it might become a replacement for my everyday jacket altogether. Or what about this for an '80s vibe with shoulders that could put an eye out?

This is just scratching the surface of all the deliciously beautiful designs in this Etsy shop. Interested in crinolines or skirts? The whole dress? What about lingerie? Menswear and unisex pieces? And how about the most elegoth veil I've ever seen?

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  1. Awww I thought the goth ones were feathers at first glance. I would totally rock a floofy feather vest/shrug! Anybody got sources?

  2. Wow, these are gorgeous! I almost wish I hadn’t asked a friend to knit me a shawl.

  3. Oh man, those are really awesome. I love that curly wool, and the tulle one on top.

  4. I lurv that velvet one. Too bad I’m getting married outside, during the summer…NEXT week.

  5. These are gorgeous! There is another Etsy shop, angeladesign , who has some amazing boleros and gloves with a Victorian romantic gothy feel.

  6. I had a gorgeous lace bolero from and I loved it. But that leather one…wow! I would have had so much fun being a bad ass bride in that leather one (albeit with a stupid goofy smile on the entire time because I’m not actually bad ass at all!)

    • Nice! The best part about boleros is you can totally wear them again (or for the first time) without bridal gear. I think the leather one makes anyone badass by default 😉

  7. I agree with you all, Chrisst has some absolutely wonderful designs. Unfortunately, I had a very bad experience working with this seller on Etsy. I don’t need to go into details, but the quality was not what I expected for the price, and it was very stressful. Sorry to be a downer. Everyone should of course make their own decisions but proceed with caution.

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