Add suspense with a blindfolded first look (+ 7 other unique first look ideas!)

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Photos by Amanda Hess

I LOVE first look photos. They always register genuine emotion. We're always looking for unique first look ideas to share. A “first look” is a moment that takes place before the wedding ceremony where the couple sees each other for the first time on the day of the wedding. This moment is typically private, and only the couple and a photographer are present.

Some people choose to do a first look because they want to have a special, intimate moment with their partner before the ceremony. Additionally, doing a first look allows the couple to get most of their photographs out of the way before the ceremony, which can be helpful if they are running behind schedule or if they want to enjoy more time with their guests during the reception. Finally, some people find that a first look can help them feel more relaxed and less anxious before the ceremony.

You can see that Rachael and Chris had a great twist for their first look: a blindfold! Talk about increased anticipation! …Plus it just looks like fun.

If a blindfold isn't doing it for you, here are 7 other ideas for unique first looks at a wedding:

  1. Write love letters to each other and exchange them during the first look.
  2. Have the first look take place in a special location, such as in a beautiful garden or at a scenic overlook.
  3. Use props to add a unique twist to the first look. For example, the couple could exchange gifts, hold up signs with sweet messages, or wear matching outfits.
  4. Have a friend or family member lead the couple to each other for the first look, rather than just having the photographer present.
  5. Set up a special backdrop or decorated area for the first look, such as a floral arch or a balloon installation.
  6. Have the couple read their vows to each other during the first look.
  7. Set up a video call with a loved one who is unable to attend the wedding, and have the couple share their first look with that person.

You can see the rest of Rachael and Chris' retro cocktail party wedding here.

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  1. @kate, lol twilightfic with the names changed whatwhat

    I mean, his expression is priceless, you can tell he’s genuinely wowed by her, which is nice. I’ll have to see my girl’s dress at some point since we live together and we’ve been known to give eachother christmas presents 3 weeks early because we’re so excited and suck at keeping things secret… But I haven’t given more than a 3 second look to the dress pattern she’s bought yet, sometimes traditions are pretty cool.

  2. What is most funny is that he did see the dress a head of time. It wasn’t a secret but we wanted to do a first look just in case he lost his cool! He didn’t cry like we both thought he would but he was very excited to see me! It made my day that much better!

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