What’s to love about BHLDN and Vera Wang at David’s Bridal

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One of Vera Wang's designs for David's Bridal
The San Francisco Chronicle interviewed me about the nontraditional perspective on two new wedding dress lines: Anthropologie's new BHLDN dresses and the Vera Wang designs at David's Bridal.

After checking out the new bridal gown line from Urban Outfitters called Bhldn, Ariel Meadow Stallings, who created the Offbeat Bride Bride website, found something to like. This is someone who wore a custom blue corset over a green skirt and a multicolored ribbon veil at her nuptials.

“In the Bhldn line, you'll notice a lack of structured taffeta and a welcome absence of the ubiquitous strapless white ball gown,” she said.

“And I love that Vera Wang's designs are more accessible to brides who are into her vision. For years, budget-minded brides have fallen in love with Vera Wang gowns and have had them replicated by dressmaking shops in China, so this is a smart business move for her…”

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Comments on What’s to love about BHLDN and Vera Wang at David’s Bridal

  1. While I love both of these new lines, I am saddened that neither of them will be an option for me, due the fact that there are no plus size offerings.

    • I agree completely. It’s occasionally maddening that there are so painfully few high-style bridal options available for plus sized women, let alone low-cost stylish options.
      I realize the production difficulties of larger gowns, but it’s just confusing to me that the assumption is that there isn’t a market large enough to make the investment in a line of this sort worthwhile.

    • Huh. Vera Wang offers some larger sizes in her moderately-priced clothing line at Kohl’s – it’s a shame she didn’t include plus sizes in her wedding gowns.

      I try to keep an open mind about designers and their motivations to only design and sell clothing and wedding dresses in non-plus sizes. However, I won’t deny that the fact that my selection was extremely limited (I’m a US size 18/20) made me feel less guilty about using an overseas dressmaker to make my wedding dress since so many designers here in the States don’t offer my size. In addition, the options I did have didn’t fit my very low budget (plus size dresses are often more expensive, due to extra materials, etc). I’ll also admit, since this is probably the only time in my life I will ever want a wedding dress, there was an element of “This is my wedding dress, dammit! I don’t want to have to pick from the tiny rack of chubby-girl dresses hidden in the back of the store like I have to pick so many of my other clothes!” Maybe it sounds spoiled, but just this once, I didn’t want to have to settle for something that I could FIND versus something I WANTED.

      I kinda wish I didn’t have to go overseas to not feel like an undesirable in my efforts to find a pretty, cheap dress that fit me like I wanted it to.

    • I read somewhere that plus sizes will be available soon (summer maybe?), but weren’t part of the release. so, yeah it stinks that it’s going to take longer, but it is coming =)

  2. I love this article, and I love that the notion of what a bride looks like is slowly evolving. I feel like there’s a real shift toward focusing on women being who they are rather than being the idealized bridal figure. What a concept!

  3. Near the end, I was loving the price. $600 Vera Wang is far more what I’m looking for, and that is was such a soft, flowing chiffon was a bonus for me. I hope it wasn’t a typo.

  4. I’ve actually tried on a few of the Vera Wang dresses at David’s Bridal – and they are pretty damn gorgeous. The only thing is that for some reason, they aren’t allowed to clip the dresses, and so it can be hard to figure out how they will really look on once properly tailored.

  5. I was skeptical about both of these lines but….damn….some of those vera wang and BHLDN are just freakin gorgeous. I also love that it isnt just strapless big poofy dresses. There is variety and BHLDN especially has cute accessories and cute little engagement type dresses too.

  6. If only BHLDN was around when I got married, it would be have been first and only stop! I love the bohemian yet elegant feel!

    • I totally agree! I’m in utter love with the taffeta ballgown (and this from a girl who wore black are her wedding). I think that’s the first cream colored dress I could actually see myself in. *sigh* maybe i can save up and order it just to try it on…

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