Not only does Alex & Mark's wedding (recently captured by none other than my Managing Editor Megan!) look like a slice of forest magic … but they provide a great answer to the question: when you're having a gender-blind wedding party, what should the Best Woman wear if she wants to look feminine, but still like she's a part of the groom's wedding party and not the bride's? Well, here's your solution:
alex & mark's wedding
A black dress with the same custom silk-screened tie as the groomsman!

Alex & Mark's Wedding

To see more gorgeous shots from this Day of the Dead-themed Santa Cruz wedding, head on over to Megan's blog.

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Comments on What should a Best Woman wear?

  1. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say there is one more logical step to this line of thought… We're not having a divided wedding party. They are all "our wedding party" not bride's party and groom's party. I know not everyone can do this, but for couples who have been together for ages, I think it's a natural enough thing to do. Plus, then no one has to look like anyone but themselves 🙂

    Not that this outfit isn't hot hot hot.

  2. Isn't this the third Santa Cruz wedding on Offbeat Bride this month? As a Santa Cruzian I'm feeling proud. What other town of this size gets this much attention on OBB?

    • Things come in clusters on OBB — we had a cluster of Wai Ching dresses, a cluster of Lasertron bouquets, a cluster of Australia weddings, and now a little cluster of Santa Cruz weddings. It's not completely intentional, but not completely unintentional either. 🙂

  3. I'm actually going to be a groomswoman in my friends' upcoming wedding. I've basically been given free reign to wear whatever I want. I'm quite the girly girl normally, so everyone expects me to wear some sort of dress, but I'm thinking about wearing a feminine pantsuit with heels. I want to be my own person while still blending in the rest of the guys.

  4. I was married this year, I'm also the guy standing next to Groomswoman in the "back" shot, and I also had a woman as a groomswoman. My friend wore the same tuxedo that the men wore. She wore a different pair of black slacks that fit her figure more appropriately and they gave her a boys jacket in the same cut. She looked absolutely amazing.

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