Gears, guns, and corsets: Siobhan & Leagh rocked their self-styled steampunk wedding

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The Offbeat Bride: Siobhan, Owner/Operator of Muninn's Post

Her offbeat partner: Leagh, Owner/Operator of Muninn's Post

Date and location of wedding: Leagh's family's house and yard in Kelowna, BC, Canada — September 20, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance:

Our wedding was steampunk-themed. We invited everyone to join us in dressing up and more than half the guests did. Everybody either made their outfit, or ordered their pieces online.

Oooh Boobs!

The Men pt. 1


Bride's Metal Friends!

We're Alright

They Want It... The Gun of Course.


We had a pistol painting party before the wedding, we made almost all the decorations ourselves, and I made the cupcakes and decorated the cake myself. We also had a lovely addition of the maid of honour's rendition of Leagh and I, made from Wonder Woman and Joker action figures! It was an incredibly thrifty wedding with a budget of approximately $5K.

The Kiss

Oh, Hi.


More Mush

The Bridal Party



The Parents 2

The Guestbook

Tell us about your reception:

We had a hundred guests, everyone mingled and laughed, ate curry (with difficulty for those of us in corsets), drank local wine and beer, and were joyous. We skipped many traditions such as the bouquet and garter toss (both items were handmade), and we remade some of the old traditions like cutting a cupcake on a log with a Viking axe or having to make the most metal marriage advice for the bride and groom before getting your supper.

Our first dance was to “Wake Up” by Coheed and Cambria, which was performed live by the lovely Tommy and Sara at the request of Leagh. It was a wonderful surprise, and truth be told, the only thing to make me cry the whole day. We finished out the night with live music, a little metal, a bonfire, and good company.


JK Besties

Goggles for Days

Nice Garter

That Face Though

What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding? Any other advice for Offbeat Bride readers?

Being creative is incredibly rewarding, and as much as you stress about the little things, they don't matter when the time comes. After the ceremony, you will probably be in such a state of euphoria that all the details just slip away because you and your best friend have just stepped into the next great adventure.



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  1. Heck yeah for Coheed and Cambria for your first dance! We did that too! Well, not our first dance (we performed a Rock Band song by them), but we had another song by them come up in our playlist and nobody quite knew how to dance to it so it was just the two of us out there. 🙂 Love them! And I love your wedding, too! So much fun!

  2. Gorgeous and looked like it was a raucous good time. I adore the bride’s steampunk crossbow and the fact that most everyone dressed up.

  3. Woah! I’ve never seen a theme wedding as cool as that. I’ve seen black weddings before and they were like horror one. But this? This is so nice. Love the wedding gown and the guns are just perfect. I just wish that they had pictorial in streets since pubk style is more of urban, not in the countryside. What do you think? I am contacting One Heart Wedding Planner for this type. =) #Oneheartweddings

  4. Lovely! So much detail in this wedding, and it looks like you had an amazing time. I love the gun painting pre-wedding party idea.

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