The coolest (and most useful?) cufflinks you’ll ever see

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the coolest and most useful cufflinksA while ago I found some cool cufflinks and shared these cool bicycle wheel cufflinks on our Facebook page, and y'all loved 'em up. Then I kept stumbling upon more and more awesome cufflinks. So I thought, hell, I'll bring them all to you!

Here are some of my favorite cufflink finds: from the cute, to the extremely geeky, to the surprisingly useful!

secret agent cufflinksSecret agent cufflinks that you can personalize with initials. How cool would this be as a groom's gift with a little last minute secret love message inside. Aw.

superman rubber stamp cufflinksNot just Superman cufflinks, these are Superman cufflinks that double as stamps. For the nerds in your wedding party, these also come in Batman Rubber Stamp Cufflinks, Imperial Symbol Stamp Cufflinks, Yoda Stamp Cufflinks, and more. And for the gentlemen: Moustache Stamp Cufflinks.

LEGO cufflinksYou know we love anything Lego, so I'm dying over these fancy and colorful LEGO block cufflinks.

drum-kit-cufflinks-4Aw! Tiny drum kit cufflinks!? I wish that guy I married actually EVER had a call to use cufflinks now.

clock cufflinksWorking clock cufflinks –a two-fer!

skull-swords-cufflinks-5These skull and swords cufflinks are so bad-ass that I can't even stand it.

steampunk gear cufflinksSteampunk gear cufflinks.

guitar pic cufflinksGuitar pick cufflinks for your hot rocker.

sparkly cufflinksSparkly, bling-y cufflinks for the ladies or a fancy dude?

rolling dice cufflinksHere are cufflinks with tiny rolling dice inside. Cute or cool, or both?

rubiks cube cufflinksThe only way these Rubik's Cube cufflinks could be any cooler would be if they were working tiny Rubik's Cubes.

camera cufflinksCamera cufflinks — gimme gimme gimme!

working level cufflinksI get a total kick out of these green working level cufflinks.

old school Tetris cufflinks alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Whoa whoa whoa — hold the freaking phone! Are these retro Tetris cufflinks and these Space Invaders cufflinks not the most incredible things ever? At least that's what I thought until I saw the retro Gameboy cufflinks!

Mexican Luchador Wrestling Mask CufflinksMexican Luchador cufflinks.

usb cufflinksAre these 2GB flash drive USB cufflinks extremely useful, or the MOST useful cufflinks ever?

raygun cufflinksAwesome ray gun cufflinks, for your sci fi wedding.

star trek enterprise cufflinksOkay, I think I need to end this on the Starship Enterprise cufflinks, because it doesn't get any cooler than this.

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Comments on The coolest (and most useful?) cufflinks you’ll ever see

  1. This post is TOO. MUCH. I mean, I cant handle all the coolness that this page encompasses. I’m overcome with emotion.

  2. I totally have a single shirt that requires cufflinks.
    And I’m like.

  3. That’s so great! Im on the hunt for fh’s gift now, and wanted to get neat cufflinks. Great timing!

  4. Pssss amazon also had silver skulls with black crystals in the eyes. Amahhhzinh.

  5. I think the “Green Level” cufflinks look like the “Green Ooze” that was in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. Maybe a good gift for a TMNT lover?

    • OMG! I thought the same thing, but I figured I’d be all… “No? Just me?… ooookay, moving on.”

  6. I bought those steampunk watch-gear cufflinks for my husband, my bridesman ad his groomsman and groomswoman, and my bridesman! (My brideswoman was the lone one in a dress, so no cufflinks for her, though I did joke about having my brother wear a dress since the groomswoman was in a tux!) They were a surprise and were VERY well-received.

  7. My husband absolutely loves cufflinks, and wears them whenever we go out to fancy dinner. I’ve bought him quite a few sets of vintage cufflinks, which are super classy and usually pretty inexpensive at antique stores.

    I have my eye on a set of cufflinks made from old Wrigley Field seats to give him for our tenth anniversary next year. We spent our honeymoon in Chicago and went to two Cubs games that week, so it’s kind of our special place.

    Here’s the link to the stadium seat cufflinks:

  8. Hi! Trying to find Mystery Science Theater 3000 cufflinks (metal!) I’ve only been able to find clay…anyone have any leads?

  9. How much cooler can you get?? My favorite is the superman and working clock cufflinks….My husband would get a kick out of these!

  10. Wow! I’ll definitely have to get the Batman ones for my fiance (or maybe Tetris… he LOVES Batman, but during college we spent many nights playing Tetris). And my dad is totally getting the Starship Enterprise ones.

  11. (first post, but I HAD to)
    The husband and I are massive Simpsons fans. So of course I had to give them the Bride and Groom pig cufflinks that Homer wanted Lisa’s fiance to wear.
    It was the perfect groom’s gift – He was so excited and proudly wore them all day.

    • Ooh my FH is also a massive Simpsons fan… Where did you find those cuff links?

  12. I got my DH the superman cuff links for our big renewal ceremony. He’s also going to wear a custom made Superman shirt under his tux to reveal after we are re-introduced as man and wife.

  13. I LOVE these! My dad and both my brothers would love love love these fun extras to wear on my day! And will make for fun geeky photos too!

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