Chinese/Jewish wedding with a breastfeeding bride from Whitney Lee Photography

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Oh you Austin brides. I'm still so jealous of your access to long-time Offbeat Bride sponsor, Whitney Lee Photography. Whitney recently sent me these photos of Leah & Evan (and baby Ada's!) Chinese/Jewish wedding, and I'm just blown out.

You've got to see these shots of the breastfeeding bride, elegantly non-matching bridesmaids, and all the details…

As usual, clicky the photos to see more!

Leah gave birth to her daughter Ada a few months before the wedding, and her daughter was very much a part of the wedding and ceremony.


I've talked about the concept of non-matching bridesmaids a lot on Offbeat Bride, and I love the way that it was done at this wedding:


And of course, the shoes — wedding flats, in keeping with my theme today. 🙂


And yay for interfaith weddings! I love seeing the Chinese groom hoisted up in a chair during the hora dance:


But what about the origami cake? And the tulips? And the chopsticks? To bask in the detail shots, you'll need to head over to Whitney Lee's blog.

And if you're in Austin? Don't make me haul my 8-months pregnant butt down their to make you book Whitney for your wedding!

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Comments on Chinese/Jewish wedding with a breastfeeding bride from Whitney Lee Photography

  1. I MUST KNOW where she got her dress. That is the first long dress I have liked.

    • It says "Emerald Bridal" on the photographer's site – I had to check that out too! The skirt and hem of that dresses like this, but ESP. this dress, has me wavering so badly on the style that I've almost settled on!

      I'm far more of a Gothic type when it comes to aesthetics, but these pics made me smile because of their bright and cheerful vibes. Weird for me! The baby is beyond adorable. I esp. loved the pic of the dude in shades with the garter – and how effing CUTE is that cake??? This may not be a popular thought, but the shot that showed the full length etc. of the train on the dress – that is EXACTLY how I picture the skirt of Bella's dress in "Breaking Dawn", I've just never found a dress that shows the perfect example like this one. I'll shut up now and go drool over the dress website.

  2. I love her dress and the picture of her breastfeeding. How beautiful! And nice to see more multicolored shoes…I don't want white shoes!

  3. I love the bridesmaids' dresses! even though they weren't matching– i feel like they all look perfect together (:

  4. absolutely beautiful!! and the engagement photos were awesome as well – baby Ada's huge grin right into the camera, i think i'm in (baby) love!

  5. That is a gorgeous baby. Maybe I'll talk my boyfriend into having one of those before our wedding.

  6. The whole event was absolutely gorgeous! What an amazing cake, dress, tattoo, hair, I could go on!

  7. gosh! i love every single picture and the many tiny things cultural, offfbeat, colorful etc etc that makes each stand out… what an amazing bride & family…. congratulations! yay!

  8. So awesome! Unless I get pregnant pretty soon, it will just be for the benefit of family and some of the wedding party, but our handfasting is going to uber breastfeeding-friendly; this post makes me feel a bit less weird for that being one of our "must have" aspects lol!

  9. Lets face it : when a wedding isn't yours or one of your friends or familys, looking through wedding photos can be pretty bloody dull. Ands thats why I love OBB- all the photographers here are amazing. Adorable wedding – I love the groomsmen dressed oppositely to the groom.

  10. I love the breastfeeding pic. It looks like a beautiful take on classic Madonna and Child paintings.

  11. fantastic! I am loving the multi-colored bridesmaids in flats– they look gorgeous! (and comfortable!)

  12. This looks great! I love seeing the different cultures coming together, and wish them much love and happiness for their family and their lives ahead. Warms my heart 🙂

  13. love those photos! hey, anyone know where they got their shoes? Those flats are so pretty!

  14. These pictures are lovely! My youngest son will be nearly three when my partner and I get married but I can't imagine that he won't be breastfeeding. Everyone has been asking how's that going to work and I wasn't really sure if it would but YES, it makes total sense to wear a strapless dress that I can easily pull down and nurse when he needs a nibble. Beautiful!!

  15. I just got told about this post, I'm the mama/bride pictured, and I am so flattered by all these great comments! Whitney did an amazing job with our photography, she was totally laid back but had a quick eye. She captured our wedding so well, all the photos combined are such a great documentation of our big day. We wanted our wedding to be whimsical and fun, decorated simply and filled with sun light, Whitney captured all of that.
    We really wanted to honor Ada, our daughter, who was only nine months when we got married, by including her in all aspects of the day. Even with a delayed nap time, she was such a trooper. We nurse on demand so everything had to be accessible, my dress worked really well for that. I cherish that photo, and will even more so after we wean.

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