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The offbeat bride: Chrissy, Jewelry Designer

Her offbeat partner: Andre, Special Effects Tech

Location & date of wedding: Eglinton Grand in Toronto Ontario on May 1st 2009

What made our wedding offbeat: The day started by us gals getting ready… the bridal party looked so amazing in their 40's outfits & hair, pin up girl makeup feathery fascinators… the boys looked just as good in their outfits too!

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We wanted our guests to feel like they've stepped back in time and were attending a glamorous film premiere. We accomplished that with our venue – an art deco movie theater from the 30's, with our names and “movie” (His Girl Friday) title on it, and our movie posters in cased in glass. As guests aproached the theater (all lit up) and walked the red carpet, they were greeted by the paparazzi (with old fashioned cammers with flash bulbs) and our red carpet rep interviewed them.. she also had a mic from the 40's.

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Once inside, they got their favor bags with a program (made like a movie premiere program), our movie soundtrack (our favorite songs of the 40's & 50's) & a clapboard keychain. Then they had their photos taken in the lobby, using the accessories (hats, boas, etc) i had out on a table… they got to take a copy of the pic home. Swing/big band music played during cocktail hour, while the cigarette girl handed out candy cigs & cigars (the tray was another DIY project). After cocktail hour on the balcony, the curtains opened and revealed the ballroom below, and the movie screen began to play classic movie dance clips. During dinner we had swing dancers perform…amazing! It was a memorable night!

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Our biggest challenge: Coordinating a large bridal party in which most members don't live in the same country. How i handled it? I let the girls choose any dress they wanted (had to be black – could have red or white accents) from Daddy O's or Stop Staring.. that way they can order it and have it delivery to where ever they are. I bought their fascinators & lace fans (instead of bouquets) for them and booked their hair & makeup. I got all the boys to send me their measurements (had them get a tailor to do it for them) and i ordered their tuxes… they arrived here in time to try them on and make sure they fit. We also got them their spats for their shoes.

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My favorite moment: We had to see each other before the ceremony cause we wanted to take pics before…. the first time we saw each other was my favorite moment. He was facing the limo towards the street when i was coming out of the house, then he turned around and there I was. We had a good long hug and kiss and he even had tears in his eyes. It was a very special moment for us, I'll never forget it.

My offbeat advice: Personalize! Our wedding will be memorable because it was *US*. Everyone said how *US* it was and that's what made it special to them. Also, DIY as much as you can. My husband and I shared some great moments while doing all these projects and it saved us money! It also made it more personal.

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Recruit your friends and family! We had soooo much help…. the photographer is a good friend (his assistants also) and gave us his best package for a great (super great) deal. Our DJ's were free, I got volunteers (strangers) to be my paparazzi and borrowed the cameras from the ballet company of Canada (in-laws work there), the cigarette girl was a friend too. You get the idea — look around you, you may have good little helpers near by.

Vendor & Shopping Links:

  • Dress (included a free pair of shoes & veil)
  • Accessories from Sussman's Bridal in Toronto
  • Bridesmaid fascinators from Torture Couture
  • Bridesmaid dresses from Daddy O's
  • Groomsmen tuxes from Moore's Formals
  • Venue & Catering by our venue
  • Decorator

Enough talk — show me that wedding porn: Click on the picture below to see the awesome shots from Chrissy & Andre's movie premiere-style wedding!

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Comments on Chrissy & Andre’s 1940s Art Deco Glamour Wedding

  1. I love vintage weddings, and I really love how you went all-out with the theme. Everything just looks so classy. The group shots of everyone in striking black and white are beautiful!

  2. What a gorgeous wedding! I love the theme, the attire, everything! Very classy, definitely fun and the ring bearer and flower girl are too cute for words!

  3. I love this!!!! Who were your swing dance performers? I dance down here in Columbus and was thinking of asking some of my friends to perform at my wedding!

  4. This is just awesome. I looooooooove everything about this wedding!!!!!! Totally rocked the swing, hollywood-glamour vibe. Just gorgeous. And everyone looks beautiful! Congrats!!!

  5. So weird, I was married there the week before… bit of a movie theme as well, just because of the venue, but didn't go as all out as you guys – that must have been a lot of work, got my accessories at Sussman Bridal, had to see my groom before the wedding, had a setup in the lobby to take portraits of the guest that they got to take home….. this is kind of blowing my mind 🙂

  6. Hi I am getting married there next summer and was wondering where you took pictures at the park. Was it near the Eglinton Grand?

  7. How did you put together the movie clips that played in the background? I am knocking my brain trying to figure out how to do something similar…

    • I bought the movie “That’s Entertainment” which has tons of clips to choose from, and edited the clips i wanted together. Good Luck!

  8. Love it! My fiance and I are looking at a small theater near where we live as a possible venue. My gown and fascinator have a very old Hollywood Glam feel, so we are flirting with a Pin-up esque theme and a Rock and Roll Reception. Thanks for all the Inspiration!

  9. LOVE this. As a swing dancer my fiance and I wanted to do a 1940’s wedding ourselves. These ideas are exactly what I needed to get my mind going. Thanks!

    One question: Where did everyone get there 1940’s hair styles done? This is my major road block right now. Thanks!

  10. your wedding is amazing gave me such good ideas but the photo reel isnt working 🙁 i really wanna see the pics

    • Hi Carol. My husband made the cigarette box out of a black acrylic box and added straps and glued on mirrored squares. We got the candy cigarettes online. And my friend actually made her cigarette girl costume too. But you can rent similar costumes from a local costume shop. Good Luck!

  11. I totally agree with the fact that bridesmaids should be in style and its always beautiful to see beautiful bridesmaids next to a beautiful bride.. when I was a bridesmaid last year at my friends wedding in sacramento she ordered our bridesmaid dresses online and I still have mine because I love it so much..

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