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The offbeat bride: Lynn, Customer Service Rep

My offbeat partner: Adam, Customer Service Rep

Location & date of wedding: Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, Texas

What made our wedding offbeat: We totally bucked tradition. We chose a non religious setting by having our wedding in an art museum. We also had our entire wedding party perform our ceremony!

The bride wore a pirate garter and had tiny skulls added to almost everything. There was a picture of Batman and Superman on the wedding cake. The groom wore bright red socks. The maid of honor was the bride's daughter and she was given away by her 16 year old son.

The very modern venue.
The very modern venue.

Our biggest challenge: Our wedding took place in a modern art museum. We wanted the whole ceremony and the reception to take place in one big room but didn't want the guests “displaced” while they flipped the room. To remedy this I came up with a very unique ceremony idea that included having our wedding party do more than just stand beside us.

The photo adorned cake and cute bride & groom rubber duckies.
The photo adorned cake and cute "bride & groom" rubber duckies.

We set up the room for the reception and had the guests sit at their tables for both ceremony AND reception. When the maids walked down the aisle, their respective groomsmen escorted them around the room so that each set of the attendants were stationed a few feet apart to create a circle within the tables of guests.

We began at our officiate who began the ceremony and then we proceeded to each set of attendants. Each set performed a piece of the ceremony; readings, vows, rings, etc.

We completed the circle by ending up back at our officiate who completed the ceremony and pronounced us man and wife. Everyone felt very involved and it made it so personal.

The bride and her bag of DOOM
The bride and her "bag of DOOM"

Combining black & white sand.
Mixing black & white sand.
My favorite moment: Honestly, my favorite part was having people come up and tell me how beautiful the ceremony was and how much they enjoyed it. I loved hearing “I've never seen a wedding like this before…that was so cool.”

My offbeat advice: Don't be afraid to do something completely unusual. Don't be afraid to mix things that don't seem to mix. Invite people you love and they will love seeing your personality in your wedding — even if it's completely non traditional. (Sometimes ESPECIALLY if it's non traditional.)

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn:

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Comments on Lynn & Adam’s Arlington Museum Wedding

  1. THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY COOL !!!!!! I love the red socks and the Batman and Superman wedding cake.

  2. Lynn – So cool! You definitely had a unique and uber awesome wedding. And the flowers, OMG, so beautiful! *smile*


  3. Your brazen attitude to have the wedding you *want* is inspirational! Now I know it doesn’t have to be a stuffy one-size-fits-all event in a church!

  4. This is awesome! We looked into this venue when we were searching (but ended up with an outdoor place in Dallas). Dallas/Ft. Worth brides–definitely check this place out. It’s very cool and the prices aren’t insane. Hooray!

  5. Wow I really love how you created your ceremony. I would love to witness/take part in something like that – no wonder your guests were blown away! Congratulations 🙂

  6. this site is great Lynn. I;m not surprised you found & posted here. Pictures are beautiful and I just hope to have a great wedding like you & Adam had one day!

  7. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments! Elyse – thank you! She’s actually 23. She was 20 in those pictures!

  8. Love the wedding! I’m also have ceremony/reception in the same room, and was thinking about having the guests sit at tables. I was a little unsure how it would work, but just hearing that it worked for someone else gives me confidence! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Wow! I love it when people have FUN with their wedding.

    I’m looking in to using the museum for our reception (We’re tying the knot at the UTA Planetarium a few minutes away). Was the price outrageous, or affordable?

  10. What a brilliant idea for a wedding ceremony. I would love to have a ceremony where the attention was focused on myself and the groom, but that all my friends and family could feel a part of too. I may have to steal this idea… that, and the Bride Bad of DOOM. Mwa ha ha!

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