Flora-meets-fauna with antlers in a bouquet

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Candy bouquet? Yup. Beaded flowers? Def. Balloon bouquet? Totes. Kale bouquet? Fuck yeah. Antlers… wait whaaaaat?! Oh ho ho yes! Seed to Stem shared this fern-y, woods-y, antler action and we are so down. I know some of you are already into fauxdermy, and some might even be into the real thing. Either way, the look is fly. If you're into it, see if your florist would be willing to include some faux antlers in your bouquet, or DIY your own!

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Comments on Flora-meets-fauna with antlers in a bouquet

  1. o_O

    I need this. We have deer cake toppers and I embroidered big deer banners for our wedding. My fiance collects sheds when we go on hikes so I have plenty our florist could use!!!!

  2. Knowing me, I’d end up stabbing myself. I mean, I already stab myself with floral pins, this would be a bad accident waiting to happen. It does look awesome though! 😛

  3. I love it.
    Both of our family crests are stags, so this would be super rockin (not that we need a personal reason to do something badass, but it helps)
    I love it.

  4. Why is it the only thing I can think of is the song “Gaston” from Beauty and the Beast?
    This is awesome, and super creative. But because I love Disney…just…New FantasyLand…
    *sorry if this post makes no sense. Seriously overtired*

  5. This would be perfect for my Medieval/Celtic wedding. And my soon-to-be device in the SCA has a doe in it.
    Even better is the fact that my fiancé has some shed antlers in the shed.
    Right. Time to organise my bouquet 😉

  6. Cool idea, but FYI, in Russian-speaking tradition, if your husband “wears the antlers”, it means you are cheating on him. Might not be such a great symbolism to incorporate into your bouquet on such a joyous occasion.

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