These couples thought affordable wedding photography was impossible… and then they met Milestone Images

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Affordable wedding photography from Milestone Images -- rustic wedding

Every single one of these couples you're about to see had special circumstances where professional photography wasn’t in the cards without something amazing happening. They simply thought affordable wedding photography wasn't going to happen. And yet… they ended up with these fantastic professional wedding photos from our longtime sponsor Angie Gaul from Milestone Images.

This includes the bride pictured above, who co-founded an amazing not-for-profit on Long Island, that serves survivors of abuse.

Affordable wedding photography from Milestone Images -- color run

Then that couple became the charity sponsor for a 10,000-person Color Run. And they asked Angie to shoot that event, too!

Affordable wedding photography from Milestone Images

Or, in other “incredible post-wedding photo shoot” news: Angie recently got to be there for one of her 2011 brides while she gave birth! From rocking out on the dance floor at an amazing Irish-Filipino wedding, to rocking an amazing Irish-Filipina baby girl in her arms… Angie really puts the “milestones” in Milestone Images.

lgbt milestone images wedding

So what do the new mama bride and the Empowerment Collaborative-forming bride have in common with these two middle-aged women who were closeted for the first 15 years of their relationship before FINALLY getting to celebrate their love openly as they legally and joyfully wed?

Hindu-Muslim homespun wedding with a campfire

And what do they have in common with an interfaith Hindu-Muslim couple’s homespun wedding with a campfire?

stylish Goth wedding

And what do THEY have in common with the most stylish goth wedding to hit Brooklyn, possibly ever?

Offbeat-lite wedding in New Jersey

Or this Offbeat lite wedding in New Jersey?

winter wedding in Central Park

Or this winter wedding in Central Park?

rustic wedding with 20 guests on the bride’s family farm in Virginia

Or this rustic wedding with 20 guests on the bride’s family farm in Virginia?

Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

For all of them, Angie was able to do something that made professional wedding photography a reality for their wedding and their budget.

Some of them got in touch originally and said, “We love you. You’re the only photographer we want, but we can only spend this amount.” Or, “We are going to have friends take lots of photos with their phones, but could you maybe just shoot for an hour because that’s all we can afford?” And Angie found herself saying, “How can I make this work for you? How can I help you resolve the deal-breakers?”

milestone images weddings

For a handful of lucky couples who have an amazing love story, who truly respect what wedding photographers do, and want this kind of candid, artistic, and loving photography for themselves, Angie want to work with you, too.

Offbeat Discount:

Offbeat Bride readers ALWAYS get a 10% discount from Milestone Images. Just mention where you saw her amazing work, and tell her about your love story, your budget, and the wedding photography of your dreams. (Those dreams can be “I want someone who will be respectful of my groom, who is trans.” Or, “I want a photographer I can trust, so my relative who promised to take lots of photos to enjoy herself.”) YES! She can make all of that happen!

If your wedding is coming up soon (like in the next 3-4 months!), and on a date Milestone Images hasn’t booked yet… If you are planning an offbeat wedding, and have been heartsick feeling because you haven’t made arrangements for the photographs you’re going to love and treasure… Seriously, get in touch with Angie, and make the impossible possible.

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