Un-frilly wedding parasols for maids in the shade

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I have that kind of transparent Irish skin that repels the sun, and live in a cave like a Morlock. All of that is true except for the cave part. But I know I would love a handy parasol for sunny ceremonies. It would prevent the need for sunglasses, everyone in full salute-mode covering their eyes, or the ever unflattering squint. But even on overcast days, you can't deny the drama that is the parasol.

Check out these alternatives to the usual frilly, foofy subjects:

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henna 022112 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)A henna-style parasol from Luna Bazaar.

beach portraits

Check out our parasol archives for more inspiration. Anyone planning to rock the parasol or maybe a fan instead of a bouquet? Let us know in the comments.

decor: Luna Bazaar

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Comments on Un-frilly wedding parasols for maids in the shade

  1. Love em all!! I got a few of those in my closet and have used them for photo shoots. These on here are beautiful!

  2. plus, they are super re-usable/re-purposeable. My wedding parasol (paper, bought in Chinatown) is currently a lampshade.

  3. I’m planning on buying a bunch of rainbow umbrellas for photo props. May send them home with the groomsmen if the fiance can’t figure out a groomsmen gift heh.

  4. There is a nifty shop here in Seattle called Bella Umbrella (http://www.bellaumbrella.com) that has the most AMAZING vintage parasols and umbrellas for sale AND to rent! I think they ship nationwide as well. I want all of them.

  5. My single MOH will love this – she is particularly sun shy and the ceremony is on the beach. She usually rocks a mean Chinese parasol on a daily basis so this will totally be her thing. Will also be a Tiki themed wedding so I should get one like a giant drink umbrella.

  6. Hello! I took the photo of the “Victorian gothic” parasol and just wanted to mention that gorgeous bustle jacket that appears in the photo was designed by Kambriel.com
    Great article!

  7. Love those rainbow ones! I have ghost-skin as well and have an every-day parasol. It’s simple bamboo, no decoration so it goes with everything and it’s well made. Only cost me $20! There’s good deals out there. I’m a total fluff-lover though, so if I had a wedding parasol it would probably be from Angelic Pretty. <3

  8. Am loving these! I plan on having my girls carry parasols rather than flowers and making my programs on hand fans. Everyone needs to stay cool outside 🙂

  9. Just throwing this out there for the other nerd brides: ThinkGeek is currently selling a reproduction of Kaylee’s parasol from Firefly!

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