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Another round of offbeat tees
The “Altar your thinking” tshirts shirts are here! These replace the old “Fuck Taffeta” shirts I used to sell… cuz I realized that you know what? Some people LIKE taffeta, and that's cool too!

The shirts look great, and I'm especially excited about the plus size/men's tees, which are big, but not boxy.

I shipped all the preorders via USPS on Friday. They should be arriving on your doorsteps later this week, except for those of you in Canada … who are at the whim of customs. Ug.

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  1. Arrived safe and sound thank you! I can’t wait to go wedding vendor shopping sporting this shirt.

  2. O hai. Where are these made? Also, what is the fiber content (organic cotton?)?

  3. The black shirts are American Apparel, made in the US from 100% cotton, non-organic.

    The grey shirts are made by a company called HYP, made in Peru from 100% cotton, non-organic.

  4. I got my teeeeeeee shirt! I got my teeeeeeeeeee shirt! Woo hoo! I’ll take pics in it next week when I’m on vacation!

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