All-Star wedding

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Everyone loves Chucks at a wedding!
wedding converse
More pics of this All-Star wedding over here.


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  1. I’ve wanted to do this for so long! Actually, it’s a HUGE part of my wedding. Cheers for Chucks!

  2. Yeah! Our best man and flower girl are wearing Chucks. I am going to cover the flower girl’s in red sparkles so it is like she is wearing ruby slippers.

  3. Have I missed something! All I see lately on the men side is Tuxedo and Converse blending together… Who dictate the trends, I would like to know!

  4. Ha- Andrew will be wearing chucks with his tux, but it’s more of a Doctor Who homage than anything. (Well that and I like em) I’ll probably be donning my red adventure shoes myself at some point. 😀

  5. Thank god. I was starting to wonder if I was the only nutter that wanted to wear chucks under my dress. My friends certainly look at me like Im funny in the head.

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