A lesbian wedding ceremony script about marriage as the greatest adventure

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lesbian wedding ceremony script
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If Colleen and Caro had a mantra for their Dungeons and Dragons wedding, it would be “Adventure Awaits!” We love that their lesbian wedding ceremony script imparts how life is an adventure and marriage isn't the beginning… but just the next step.

Don't miss the subtle Lord of the Rings reference in this wedding script, plus the guest acknowledgment thanking their loved ones for being part of their epic journey.

Ready for this lesbian wedding ceremony script all about adventure?!


Colleen and Caro, you have come here today to exchange vows and be married. You are here to strengthen and declare a bond that already exists between the two of you.

This is not the first step of your relationship – it is the next step in a journey you chose together. You are not beginning something; you are continuing the adventure that has delivered you here today. Together, you are affirming your life-long partnership.

Despite that, however, you are journeying into new territory: Like Samwise Gamgee at the edge of the Shire, if you take one more step, you will be further from home than you have ever been. But, also like Samwise, the wisdom of Bilbo is applicable: “It's a dangerous business going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” Thankfully, you now both are committing to walk the road together, to help each other keep their feet, and to be swept to the same corners of mystery and adventure.

The path of your marriage is something you will walk day by day. Your marriage will grow in the wending paths, in the quiet moments, and in your little deeds. Grand gestures and big surprises are fun and should be part of your lives. But to sustain and grow your marriage you must learn to embrace all your time together. You must show each other that you care in your everyday actions, in the little things you do for the other.

Today you are promising each other that you will walk the winding path of your marriage together. Today you are promising that you will not think of yourself first, but of the two of you together. Today you are promising that whatever may come, good or bad, weal or woe, you will stand hand in hand and face it together. And for that, you can both be greater than you were before.

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Guest Acknowledgement

And for the rest of us, who have come here to witness and support that marriage: I want to charge all of you here today with your part in this. This marriage will be between Colleen and Caro, but they do not exist in a vacuum. In the past they have relied on you, your friendship, love, and support. They will continue to rely on you in the future. By being here today, you are not idle witnesses to a single event. You are here to say that you will continue to love, support, and build-up Colleen, Caro, and their marriage in the years and decades to come. How fortunate Colleen and Caro are to have friends and family like you.

Vow Exchange

I will now ask the two of you to exchange the vows of marriage.

I take you to be my Wife,
I promise above all else to be truthful and faithful,
And to communicate fully and fearlessly,
I give you my hand and my heart
I will walk the open road with you
And pledge my love, devotion, honor and friendship
As I join my life to yours.

Steampunk Dungeons and Dragons Photos by Empiria Studios20 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Ring Exchange

Colleen and Caro, you have chosen to memorialize your vows by the exchange of rings. These rings are made of metals that have been worked by human hands, but they were made in the hearts of stars. They have been shot through the heavens, subjected to cosmic forces beyond our comprehension, and brought to the Earth when it was formed. Despite that, they pale in comparison to what they represent. These rings are tokens of a much greater, much grander, and much more valuable thing. For all the forces that have worked on these rings, the greatest force here is the love you two share.


Colleen and Caro, you have declared your intentions to be espoused before your family and friends, and shown those intentions by the exchange of vows and rings. Now, before I pronounce you married, I want you to do one more thing. Take this moment right now to take a deep breath and look into your partner’s eyes. Register this moment. Remember this moment. Think about where you two are right now. And think about where you two want to be twenty years from right now. Forty years from right now. Sixty years from right now. After this moment, everything you two do should bring you closer to that future. Work today for the marriage you want tomorrow.

So, on behalf of all those who love you I now declare you to be married! Please, kiss each other!
Go now in peace and love.

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