Adorable couple photos that you’ll want to add to your shot list

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Get a load of these two, would ya?

I mean, come on with all that adorbz.

I bet you never thought to add a “partner admiring your guns” to your wedding photo must-have list. You're totally re-thinking that obvious oversight now, huh?

Before you solidify your photo list, check out more adorable couple photos from our Flickr pool. I'm sure you'll find tons of wedding portrait inspiration…

first dance, sunlightHow about a first dance photo where you're the only two illuminated on the dance floor? SWOON!

Wendy and Sean Los CabosI can never get enough of ocean waves swelling around a newlywed couple. Also, props to Tribesmaid Wendy for going for it in her wedding gown.

Tiny Wedding Cakes Champagne celebration! 0100-2.jpg

Any way the wind blowsRobert and Emelee closed down their wedding night with the DJ playing Bohemian Rhapsody and all their guests circled around them. This shot of that moment is magical.

DJ & Kelsey on the bus wedding high-five

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Comments on Adorable couple photos that you’ll want to add to your shot list

  1. Would love to know the source/designer of that gorgeous first dress – with the basket-weave neckline? Love it!

  2. You know what’s cute about that ‘admiring her guns’ photo? It’s natural & probably full of the brides’ personalities. Recreating is risky. Be warned, your photo will probably not be as cute, no matter how much talent your wedding photographer has.

    Lots of great photos in this post, but most are SPONTANEOUS & AWESOME because of the spontaneity. Embrace that!

  3. The danger of the shot list is that if you spend a lot of time trying to re-create the moments from someone else’s wedding you’ll miss the best moments in your own.

    The reason these photos are great is because they are spontaneous and genuine. If you want those photos, hire a real photographer that makes you feel comfortable and that you actually like, not just the biggest name or more expensive person who is supposedly “the best.”

    If you feel comfortable and happy and work with someone who enjoys being spontaneous (as opposed to the epic photo shoot), your photos will be even better because they’ll be of you.

  4. I’m a wedding photographer, and the above commenters are right: I’d say at least 2/3 of these are spontaneous, which is why they are so charming. Shot lists are great when they are used for inspiration – but when you try to copy other people’s poses, you end up with photos that look forced.

    By all means, send your photographer copies of photos you love, but allow her freedom to get creative and find the charmingly spontaneous moments at your wedding without tying her down to a list.

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