Come gawk at grooms with long hair

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Photo from Lori and Desi's seaside paradise wedding by Nick Doll

We give a lot of love to the looks of our Offbeat Brides — I mean, we've got archives full of posts about birdcage veils and fascinators and nonfloral bouquets — so it's totally time to give some limelight to our grooms too. This week, let's respect the hair, man, and admire 20 ways our grooms rock their gorgeous, long hair. (And don't forget to click on the photos to see the rest of their weddings!)

Twenty grooms not enough? You've gotta check out the rest of the archive of our long-haired dudes. And pssst, while you're there… we've got a groom gear archive where our fellows show off the rest of their awesome wedding looks.

Romantic, sandy blonde curls.

Photo from Patricia & Christiaan's Intimate Outdoor Family Fun-Day Wedding by Patricia Pieterse

An elegant gray braid.

Wedfest 303
Photos from Lolo & Kevin's N'Awlins/NYC Wedfest by Oeil Photography

A French braid with sideburns.

Photo from Sarah & Adam's chilled out, nature-bound Sunday wedding from ozfiredancer

Hair worthy of a Viking horde.

Abby Road
Photo from Ann & Sean's comic book dork, Halloween wedding of awesomeness by Martin Hunter

Straight, sleek, sophisticated.

Seth & Kelley Formal Wedding Portrait
Photo from Kelley & Seth's pseudo-Victorian key-themed gaming wedding by Roy Cox Photography

Stunning hair, stunning shoes.

Graffiti portrait. Shaun and Clare 09/10/09
Photo from Clare & Shaun's retro red industrial wedding from dubbug11

Pincurls for her, windswept for him.

Photo from Kristina & Ki Yin's Double Happiness East-meets-West wedding by Rachael Jane Photography/Arrjay Photographica

Shoulder-length hair and an eye mask.

StudioUma07 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photo from Curiouser and curiouser: it's an Alice in Wonderland wedding by Studio Uma

Dreads with a handmade sarong and inherited bamboo fighting sticks.

Photo from Let's all admire Kwame's hand-made wedding outfit from Rebecca St. Clair

A long, dark ponytail works well alongside an opaque white veil!

Photo from Eva & Radek's diet-friendly Czech wedding by a cave by Anna ‘Andraste' Kijenská

Skull necklaces complement dreads and purple eyeshadow.

CEREMONY049 - Lady Zombie & Ali Fangsmith Wedding
Photo from Lady Zombie & Ali Fangsmith's romantic subculture bash with fangs, leather, and fur by Milestone Images

Man buns are… well, ridiculously beautiful.

Photo from Bobbie & Mario's family-centric ranch wedding by Brynne Owen

Dreads and facial piercings, yo.

Photo from A barn wedding among the fall leaves by Natalie Champa Jennings

Hot air balloons were made for people with long hair.

Photo from Nicoel & Danny's nuptials in the sky by Shaun Baland

WANT EVEN MORE? Check out our long-haired grooms archive!

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Comments on Come gawk at grooms with long hair

  1. This makes me wish my FH could have his hair long again. I miss his hair, but his job won’t allow it 🙁

  2. This makes me feel so much better because now I have some ammo. My FMIL has been giving my FH crap about his hair for years now and I know that with the wedding coming up no doubt she is going to freak out and try to insist that he cut it and shave his beard even though we both like the hair and I HATE when he shaves because his beard grows really fast and if he shaves in the morning by mid afternoon he has enough stubble that I’m getting beard burn just to kiss him. He knows from the one time it did happen that if he shaves it ends up that I won’t kiss him more than a light peck for about a few weeks because it feels like razors on my face and I end up with the lower half of my face bright red from the irritation! No thanks. So now I have pics to show how we could style him. She’ll still think he’d look absurd but at least I can prove he’s not the single only man on the planet to ever wear long hair with a tux!

  3. Yes, I totally do have a thing for guys with long hair. And these guys look almost as fab as my long-haired love did on our wedding day! Not that I’m biased or anything. 😉

      • Third-ed! My husband was also a long haired groom. I have a life-long love/obsession of long-haired men.
        Love seeing all of these happy, handsome long-haired grooms! 🙂

  4. My man has long dreadlocks that I love!! I especially love to see them into 2 ponytails which he said he will also do on our wedding day – very hot, for me anyway 😉

  5. Oh good God yes.

    My man has shoulder length, sandy blonde wavy hair. It’s all thick and fuzzy, and he is NOT cutting it for the wedding. My grandma and mum will have a fit, but heyho. I love it, he loves it – and he can always tie it into a ponytail if it gets in the way that badly.

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