What’s your candy buffet style? Come choose from 18 sweet themes!

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Photo from Nicole & Chris' rockabilly bowling wedding in Las Vegas and Texas by Tara Swain Photography

Candy buffets are fucking sweet, amirite? After a stroll through our massive candy buffet archives, I am now a believer that you can do WHATEVER you want with these babies. Going for the elegant look? Scroll down to No. 17. Sweet and lovely and cute? See the tea party at No. 12. Just want to get down to business with all things chocolate? Come hang out with me at No. 15.

I'm telling you: there's no end to how much fun you can have decking out a candy buffet in style!

1. Put your caketoppers in a pile of gummy bears.

Photo from Chad & Matthew's big gay dance party in the mountains wedding by Yaritza Colon

2. Spell out your sugary love with a fancy tray.

Photo from Susana & Carlos' gothic-inspired wedding (with tango!) by Cecy and Chuy of Photoptika

3. Skittles make the sweetest ring shots.

Photo from Kara & John's “Taste the Rainbow” candy-colored wedding by JScott Photography

4. Keep a dish of quarters nearby for your guests to get some old-school bubblegum (unique wedding favor alert)!

Minalia Hertzog Abbey Hepner Photography bellevueweddingphotographer58 low alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photo from A sweet candy and hearts circus wedding by Abby Hepner Photography


5. Gotta love those HUGELY gorgeous apothecary jars for candy storage.

Photo from Grace & Kevin's lakeside beer and barbecue wedding by Samir Solanki

6. Having a dry wedding? Set up a different kind of bar!

Photo from Valery & Jon's buttons and games sweet tooth wedding by Alexandra Jordan Photography

7. Include fun challenges with your candy.

Kidson Nnaji Havi Frost Photography 1nnaji133 low alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photo from Geeks in love get wedded with video games and lightsabers by Havi Frost Photography


8. Are you guys musicians? Sprinkle guitar pics around your candy buffet.

Jesse & Katie's Wedding
Photo from Katie & Jesse's outdoor Halloween shindig by Sean Sherman

9. Offering s'mores? Lay out the ingredients in style.

Photo from Natalie & Iliana's laid-back bounce house wedding by Franky Lopez

10. Wedding candy: the perfect excuse for heart-shaped serving utensils.

Photo from Kelly & Andrew's small and simple Tuesday wedding by Ken Harris

11. How can you beat edible decor in your very own wedding colors?

Gunderson Schmidt Michelle Johnson Photography 0789 low alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photo from A creepy and elegant gothic wedding by Michelle Johnson

12. Going for something a little more pastel than goth? Candy is so diverse.

Rachael and Chris wedding-45
Photo from Rachael & Chris' whimsical tea party wedding by Make Moments

13. Or theme out your candy bar with all things SUMMER.

All of our faves
Photo from Sam & Eric's pinwheels robots and Star Wars wedding by Evoke Photography

14. Colorful candies and cupcakes just work so well for a Dr. Seuss wedding.

The Buffet
Photo from Mary & Craig's Dr. Seuss-themed colorful rhyming wedding by Amy Page

15. Guys, guys. A candy buffet that focuses on CHOCOLATE. Yes.

Photo from Tattoos and lace meet for this movie theater wedding by Frances Iacuzzi Photography

16. What is a Harry Potter wedding without… candied Forbidden Forest creatures?

Photo from Casey & Chad's family-friendly magical Harry Potter wedding by Laurie Marie Photography

17. Pay special attention to the lighting to really set off your candy buffet to dramatic effect.

Photo from Eat this visual feast: a rockstar groom and his spike-heeled bride at the Biltmore by Milton Photography

18. Go beyond apothecary jars and make your whole candy buffet look straight out of an old-fashioned apothecary shop.

Photo from Sheyne & Glenn's scientific Victorian steampunk octopus wedding by Pixie Vision Photography

Who's sweetening up their wedding with a candy buffet? Are you theming it out (Halloween? Your favorite fictional characters? All the colors of the goddamn rainbow)? Tell us how you're planning to trick out your very own candy-filled buffet!

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Comments on What’s your candy buffet style? Come choose from 18 sweet themes!

  1. We’re having a trail mix bar! I think it counts because everyone knows the best trail mix is at least half candy, amirite?

  2. I love the idea and look of candy bars. Pretty much all the pictures I see though look like they are from large weddings (by my definition is more than 30 guests), would there be a point in having one if you’re having a small wedding? We DO want a large cake (FH LOVES cakes) but I kinda want a candy bar too. I don’t want to waste money if it’s going to be ignored though.

    • If you love it, do it!
      We had a very small Wedding (27 people, including us!) and candy bars aren’t even a thing in Germany. But it was well received. My nephew loved it. My father in law indulged at the liquorice. And everyone loved the sweets we bought in Sweden (where we met and had our pre-wedding honeymoon) We had about 12 different sweets (18 if you include the different flavours of jelly bellys) but only small amounts of each put in different cocktail glasses.
      So you can pull it off, too.
      If you love it, don’t skip it just because you think your wedding is too small.
      And don’t worry about the costs. Nobody says you have to buy the super exclusive pralinés ore fancy but expensive cake pops. Get stuff people like (I bought liquorice even though I hate it, but I knew my husband and father in law would love those!) and all time favourites. Plus you can sell the containers afterwards, or reuse them, as we did.

    • If you doubt people’s ability to stomach all that sweet, include small baggies and make taking home a bag of candy their wedding favor. Worst case scenario you end up with a bunch of left overs that you can eat yourself over the year. If you focus on things that are pretty while still individually wrapped (http://www.orientaltrading.com/api/search?Ntt=large+lolipops) you can even give leftovers away for Halloween. Those lollipops will definitely last however many months away that might be.

  3. Two words: Cookie Table! A Pittsburgh staple for as long as I can remember. Many people there judge the wedding by the diversity and size of the cookie table offerings. It is also a must to include take home boxes, so you get a favor and dessert in one.

  4. You should totally give us a post like this about fruit plates and fruit arrangements (maybe in combination with chocolate fountains?), I am not that much into candy, but I love a good fruit plate with a rich choice, which I am also going to have for my wedding day 😀

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