Add colored buttons to your white dress

Guest post by SoMoWed

wedding dress button makeover before and after

I've been having regrets about getting a white (well, ivory) dress. Even if it's beautiful and vintage-y and I love it, it was just feeling too traditional-ish. So I've changed out the gazillion white buttons in the back for custom hot-pink ones that I found on Etsy!

wedding dress button makeover

It was actually super-stressful since I couldn't find ANY pictures of dresses with colored buttons. (Pinterest and Google Images weren't any help.) So if anyone else is considering this swap, here is your photo inspiration!

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Comments on Add colored buttons to your white dress

  1. I just wanted to point out that the comparison pic is fake… I was despairing trying to find an image of colored buttons and photoshopped colored dots onto my original pic to get an idea! I can’t do it up by myself, so I don’t have an ”after” picture on me!

  2. This is very cute – but now I really want to see that you’ve swapped out the ribbon at the waist for the same colour? Or maybe matching shoes and bouquet details?

  3. This is such a great idea!! And it looks fabulous in pink! I was the same way, I didn’t like the idea of a white dress (I was hoping for pink!) but the dress I ended up loving is in ivory. I ordered it a few weeks ago and can’t remember if there are buttons, but if there are I might just consider this idea 😛

    • Regardless if your gown has buttons you can still use this idea to add color to the gown. Simply sew the buttons on the center back of your dress on top for the zipper placket.

  4. I used this idea more than 20 years ago on the dress I made for my own wedding. The buttons I used were lavender foiled glass buttons from Czechoslovakia.

  5. What an awesome idea. First thing I thought after seeing this was “OMG can’t wait to see someone doing RAINBOW BUTTONS!”

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