Ask for your wedding wine as engagement party or wedding shower gifts

Guest post by hannahesmith
Two boxes full of wedding wine!
Two boxes full of wedding wine!

For our engagement party, we said that if people wanted to bring gifts, they could bring a bottle of wine that we could pour at the wedding. I also think this could work really well for beer lovers by having everyone bring a six-pack of beer for the wedding.

I liked this idea because we really didn't need more stuff (we have a small apartment), and it gave some people who probably can't come to the wedding a way to feel like they are a part of it. Also, it's really scalable so people can spend as little or as much as they want.

wedding-wine-sign-inWe also put out shipping tags and encouraged people to sign their names and write messages to us. Everyone seemed to embrace this idea and we received more than two cases of wedding wine.

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  1. This is a great idea! Adds a lot of variety to the offerings too. We actually have a family member who makes his own wine as a hobby, so his gift to us was two cases of it to serve at our reception. It was a big hit.

  2. At our wedding, we asked people to not bring gifts & instead make charity donations but we also included a footnote on our invites saying that if people really wanted to bring us something, wine would be great to keep the party flowing. We quoted a Richard Thompson song too; “I don’t mind the red wine or the pick up line, so long as it’s cheap”, to let people know they shouldn’t spend much!

  3. This is a wonderful idea! My fiancee and I are planning our engagement party for next month.

    How did you word your request for wine in the invitation?

  4. My future Mother in Law sent out the invitations. We choose the following language “Your presence is their gift, but if you like to bring a bottle of wine the couple will gladly pour it at their wedding.”

  5. We did the same thing, and we had so many bottles donated that there were at least a dozen left over after the wedding! People loved being able to provide their favorite type of wine (including non-alcoholic), while also contributing to the wedding.

  6. I have a question in our culture a lot of guests bring flowers for the bride and groom to the wedding. Instead of the flowers we decided we would preffer a bottle of wine. Just don’t have any idea how to word it in a fun way to put in the invite. Looked on Google but didn’t find any ideas about wine. If anyone has done this before any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Monica

    • Maybe a joke about one of you suffering from hayfever, or something about how both are for sharing, neither lasts for long, and it’s easier to toast with a glass of wine than with a bouquet?

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