Stop your phone from blowing up with a “who to call” cheat sheet

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dont call alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
1-800-Dont-Call-Me bag

Lisa and Mike were determined to make sure that things ran smoothly at their wedding… and that the bride didn't have to get all stressed up trying to fix things. They created this “who to call” cheat sheet for guests and wedding party members to refer to in times of panic. It's a fab way to designate folks to take your calls so you can have time to slip notes to your partner, take a breather, or have a quickie.

Photo by jbagz Photography
Photo by jbagz Photography

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Comments on Stop your phone from blowing up with a “who to call” cheat sheet

  1. OMG, this is genius! I wish I had thought of it for my wedding last month. I had 4 people call my phone about 45 mins before the ceremony to tell me they were on their way, but might be late. Seriously? Why? I even had one guy call the hotel room because he got there early and wanted to make sure he was in the right space.

  2. We did this!!!! I got ZERO calls the day of the wedding for any reason!! I did get quite a few congratulatory texts, but nothing that required my intervention or attention!

  3. My FH has been saying that his only chore the day of the wedding is going to be handling phone calls. Something that I was ok with, considering how my day will go. I think I’m going to steal this idea.

  4. I’m wondering how they distributed this? Like were they sent out with invites, put on the website, available at the venue? It’s an amazing idea and I’d love to incorporate it if I could just figure out how!

    • Agreed! At the venue seems like it would be too late (because if they’re at the venue, they don’t need directions, obvs). The website seems like a good place for most people. Maybe some printed out for the non-tech-savvy people to be put in with the invites?

  5. I love the design of that “cheat sheet” where did you find it? If you created it, I would love to use at my best friends upcoming wedding. I have found some templates but none quite as cute and organized as this one.

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