A Viking ceremony script for the ages

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DIY Viking Wedding Photos by Molly Desrosiers4 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
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When you think of Vikings, you're probably thinking of horns, fur, leather, and swords abound, like Emily and Travis' backyard Viking wedding. But what if we told you Emily and Travis took it one step further with their ceremony script? This couple DID THE RESEARCH to make sure the language was true to the Viking era. Plus their officiant, Travis' cousin Mike, went all in and heavily rehearsed to make sure he got the Viking accent down. This ceremony script is just as immersive and fun as their actual Viking wedding, and set the tone for an epic evening of medieval celebrations.

Emily said:

Mike played the part perfectly – we had practiced enough and encouraged him to be somewhat theatrical. Not overly dramatic but emphasizing certain words and using language and accent of the Viking, Medieval era. Even better was his voice cracking towards the end of the ceremony with the crowd bursting into laughter or when he proclaimed out loud due to the rain, “my ink doth runneth,” referring to his printed scroll and the ink that was running down the page.

Prelude & Welcome

Brian and Annette are you prepared to give your daughter's hand in marriage?

Wait for response and for them to go to their place.

Feel free to be seated if you like. Good afternoon commoners who have gathered to celebrate the matrimony of Frejya Emily to Jarl Travis in this most festive way. I am the Hofgothi, minister of the Norse Gods, also Travis’ best looking relative. I am honored to perform this most virtuous of ceremonies and when asked gladly accepted until I learned I had to speak here today.

Thank you all for joining us from kingdoms near and far, you our closest of family and friends. Before we continue we would like to take a moment for those now feasting in Valhalla yet so kin to our hearts. Our brother Joshua, Grandparents, family members, and the ancestors who have fallen before them we take a moment in their names.

In the suns last hour on this Saturday the 30th day of the tenth lunar cycle in the 21st year of the 21st century I would like to bless this couple in preparation for receiving these most Holy of ordinations. We now bear witness to what their relationship has become. Today they will affirm this bond formally and publicly. I bless them to receive thy honor in the name of the All Father.

Before we begin, hence forth, if anyone here can show just cause as to why this couple may not be joined together let them now speak or else keep silent for all time. But be forewarned that any such objector will be beheaded for the amusement of the Lords and Ladies.

DIY Viking Wedding Photos by Molly Desrosiers12 e1639540745336 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photography by Molly Desrosiers

How we met

Ten years ago today a snowstorm in the western kingdom of Springfield where Freyja Emily was residing. Jarl Travis was sent by his chiefton to raid the lands. He called on Freyja for shelter and shelter was given. A fire rekindled that burns brightly today on the day of their marriage.

Marriage is nor just an expression to the world of your love for each other but a sacred contract between one another. A contract that asks to love, respect, comfort and care for one another.

Sage words of wisdom

I have listened to the wise old Sages, who have seemingly been married for all eternity, on what it takes to keep a healthy and happy marriage and I have gathered this:

Don’t be an ARSE – seems easy TIS NOT.

You are both going to have to sacrifice for one another. Comfort, support, enduring patience, these things you promise each other today.


Before entering this holy ordinance will you Travis Charles with all your soul, strengths, and weaknesses take Emily Rose Barnaby to be your wife?

Travis: I shall.

Before entering this holy ordinance will you Emily Rose with all your soul, strengths, and weaknesses take Travis Charles Jeanson to be your husband?

Emily: I shall.

In the days of yore in the land of the Celts handfasting was created to signify that your souls are bound eternally even when the physical bonds are separated. You make these promises today with the understanding that you are committing to be a partner to one another and to become of one spirit. Please join hands.

As lady Amber wraps the ribbon around your hands it is spiritually tying your souls.

Wait until hands are tied and Amber is back in her spot.

Will you both share in each other's pain and seek to protect each other from it?

E+T: We will.

Will you share in each other's joy, rejoice in it and look for the best in each other always?

E+T: We will.

Will you share in each other's dreams and work with each other to fulfill them?

E+T: We will.

Will you honor and respect each other treating each other as equals?

E+T: We will.

Then let thy binding be so! Once these physical bindings are removed your spiritual and emotional bonds will remain and will need to be drawn upon for strength as this unity evolves, shifts and grows. Brother Nick, REMOVE THY BONDS!

DIY Viking Wedding Photos by Molly Desrosiers16 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photography by Molly Desrosiers

Rings and vows

I will now ask the fair maidens Kelly and John to present thy rings.

Wait for Kelly and John to present rings and return to spots.

The ring is a circle the universal symbol of infinity forged in fire for seamless strength and may it bring that strength to your marriage.

I now invite Freyja Emily to place thy ring and recite her vows.

Wait for her to finish and be sure she has. Wait an extra second just in case!

I now invite Jarl Travis to place thy ring and recite his vows.

Wait for him to finish, be sure he has. Watch him sweat.

Now that you have decided to become one and have declared your intentions publicly across the kingdom and have committed to honor the ribbon and the rings.

Do you Travis Charles son of John “mustached man of the mountain” Jeanson take Emily Rose to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Travis: I do.

Do you Emily Rose daughter of Brian “Odin” Barnaby take Travis Charles to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Emily: I do.

And now children of the Annettes, by the power vested in me by the aligning of the 9 Relms. By the acknowledgement of family friends and The Mighty All Father himself I now pronounce you Viking and Valkyrie! Please seal thy marriage with a kiss.

Lords and Ladies it is my honor to present the newly married couple Mr. and Mrs. Travis and Emily Jeanson.

DIY Viking Wedding Photos by Molly Desrosiers7 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photography by Molly Desrosiers

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