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    Manda Kar Imágemária
    Manda Kar
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    “Nostalgic. Off-the-beaten-path. Inclusive. Hand-made. Organic. Honest.”

    In these words of those I’ve created for, this is the combined experience at Imágemária. It says a lot about everything here.Someone once told me “fantasy” and “photojournalism” are counterintuitive. To that I say, “Well, why?” It makes perfect sense to those of us who live a total mix of imagination and authenticity.

     As much as I love conjuring magic, I also love the truest of moments which bring out our humanity — un-posed laughter, closed bashful eyes, incorporating one’s weirdest fusion of fandoms into a serious event — because that’s who we are. Portraits should never be superficial, because loving exactly who you are and what you’re about is empowering. It’s deeper than photography.

    As a quantum weird person, your own weirdness is visual inspiration for me, but my mission is to state your individuality and enable you to express yourself and feel your own Everything, in your own skin. I’m a subtle geek, but when you pop that balloon it really explodes. Tempt me with wizardry, Halloween, science fiction, anything historically vintage… you’re bound to get more than you bargained for.

    Wedding photography services in central Florida and destination services throughout the United States. Packages are hourly from $200-350.

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    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    If you’re wacky or traditional, nerdy or not, black, white, rainbow or dragon… if you’re being yourselves, I accept you totally and encourage you recklessly.

    I ethically work to promote confidence and body positivity by dissuading the editing of bodies. You may make requests (a few of which may be edited credibly), but know that I promote your bigger picture of confidence. Don’t let the other media tell you otherwise!

    If you found all of this refreshing after shopping for other photographers, we’re 100% a good fit for each other. Finding a photographer whose personality jives with yours is super critical; a great portrait of heart and soul is directly a result of your trust and comfort in the person behind the camera.

    My goal is to create an enriching experience for you, one in which you perhaps find yourself a little bit, forget the camera is even there. It’s kinda bigger than photography. It’s You. That’s how I see it. I am your storyteller. I seek the Ultimate Unique Experience for every individual. Based on You. Not me. UUE’s for all!

    “Manda was absolutely fantastic in capturing every little detail of our weird wedding. She took our theme of "silly and spooky" and really ran with it in a way I don't think other photographers would have…” — Alannah A.

    “I ordered the spell book to use as a guest book for my wedding and it turned out absolutely perfect! Everything about it- the smell of the leather right when I opened it, the beautiful packaging, the colors and flowers and the drawings!!” — Bri V.

    “Manda is AMAZING! I honestly don't have the words to express how great our experience with her has been… She is an incredibly talented photographer and an even better human!”
    Shannon H.

    I offer special pricing for both BIPOC and military folk!

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    $ thrifty
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