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    My name is Cherise and I am a non-denominational officiant who specializes in crafting a ceremony that tells each couple's unique journey to marriage. Whether you plan to have a large scale wedding or elope, my goal is to treat your ceremony as the highlight of your special day rather than a formality. I work with you to ensure you feel seen, heard, and most importantly, loved.


    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    I want every couple who is interested in working with me to know that I am here for you. As corny as that sounds…it’s true! Your wedding day should feel like it was crafted for you and your partner and no one else. More importantly the ceremony portion of your wedding day should sound like you and your partner! It is the entire reason you’ve put your energy into your special day. As someone who married my high school sweetheart AFTER having two kids together and buying our first home I know firsthand how lot’s of folks feel as though their opinion of what you should be doing matters but honestly it doesn’t! Choosing to unite your life in marriage with your partner is about your connection to each other and moving in the same direction towards your desired future. Allow me to help highlight your love story as you join in marriage.

    Examples of my work

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