5 times Dustin Cantrell’s photos punched us straight in the feels

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Traveling wedding photographer as seen on @offbeatbride #sanfrancisco #weddingphotographer
Dustin catching an intimate moment that makes our love meter crash.

Itinerant traveling wedding photographer, Dustin Cantrell, has taught us a fair few things in our time knowing him: how to deal with the too real anxiety of having an unplugged wedding and sad-but-true reasons to turn your wedding pics into OMG REAL LIFE ACTUAL photo prints. Dustin has been a part of the Offbeat family for a really long time and offbeat couples keep on continuously choosing him to capture their wedding moments. We already know why, and you should, too.

Here are a few times when Dustin's mad skills punched us right in the feels and made us want to hire him to shoot our every waking moment just to look like these people.

Traveling wedding photographer as seen on @offbeatbride #sanfrancisco #weddingphotographer
I'm literally holding my breath watching this couple so clearly in the moment.

First, you have to get to know Dustin like we do. He's one of those photographers who gets us, gets our readers, and gets going around the damn world to find and photograph you. He's based in San Francisco, but we guarantee he'll be ANYWHERE you are.

I personally like following his Instagram because it's like Where's Waldo… just “Where's Dustin” instead: Nauyaca Waterfalls, Santa Elena Cloud Forest, Isla del Cano, Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo. Dude's like American Express — everywhere you want to be. His travels have helped inspire his own creativity, meaning that he's bringing all of that experience to find the nuances in your love and the details you work so hard for at your wedding.

The best part? Dustin's totally affordable. He'll do everything he can to work with your budget and give you some serious bang for your buck.

Traveling wedding photographer as seen on @offbeatbride #sanfrancisco #weddingphotographer
Those FACES. Happy tears, pride, and just pure joy.

Here are a few words straight from some of Dustin's raving clients, just so you know what you're getting into. And it's GOOD.

“Dustin was amazing in all areas, but most importantly his photos were beautiful and unique. He did the photography at my wedding and I couldn't have imagined more beautiful photos. He listened to what we wanted, was organized and on-time. He really gave himself in the time he was there, he had to be pushed to take a break to eat something. 😉 Really wonderful, professional, talented and creative.​”

“Dustin was our photographer for both engagement and weddings photos, and we are beyond pleased. His creative style brought back the most interesting and non “boiler plate/standard” pictures which we really appreciated. You're not always understanding the “go up the hill, walk in the bush, tilt your head this way”, but then you get the pictures back, and they are gorgeous! Trust me, just follow his lead… you will not be disappointed. He was very approachable, easy to work with, and his turn around time was quicker than expected. Five stars all around.​”​

Traveling wedding photographer as seen on @offbeatbride #sanfrancisco #weddingphotographer
Savoring a moment under some gorgeous light.

Ready to have your own wedding moments punch us in the face with awesome? We're ready, Dustin's ready, go get in touch because you know you're ready.

Traveling wedding photographer as seen on @offbeatbride #sanfrancisco #weddingphotographer
And of course, the giggles. We love us some giggles. Dustin's going to find all your giggles.

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