George and Emily created an intimate afternoon wedding in Texas for their friends and family. Emily surprised everyone by wearing a white sari flown in from India to honor George's heritage. She had a reception dress on hand, but ended up not changing because she loved wearing the sari so much. They also had Indian catering, vintage book decor, and the movie Up playing in the background (since that was the inspiration for their proposal!). George's friend Natasha Brown was extra excited for the wedding because she got to photograph it. Take a look:














Thanks to Natasha Brown Photography for sharing this lovely wedding with us.

Here are some of the vendors who made it all happen:

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Comments on An Indian-influenced wedding with a little bit of Pixar

  1. Oh if only the photographer got a schmaltzy shot of one of the more tear jerky, romantic sequences (either the marriage or the photo album).

  2. LOVE this.

    The blue! The sari! The kids in the hats!

    And especially the food – makes me almost want to ditch FH and look for an Indian family to marry into… Almost…

  3. Are you guys seriously going to tease us with the fact that the proposal was inspired by “Up,” then not tell us how it happened?!? I adore that movie and think it’s one of the most romantic films out there (well, ok, the beginning at least!) and would love to see how they got engaged.

    I am in love with that dress, though! Saris are stunningly beautiful, and this white one is just incredible. They look so happy!

  4. Oh wow. That sari and that blue background. So beautiful I don’t even have words for it

  5. Oh! I LOVE this!! I have decided I WILL wear a sari like this for my wedding. What a handsome couple. I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness 🙂

  6. Wow, this bride looks absolutely stunning. They make a lovely looking couple. I hope they are happy forever.

  7. the image with the double seated bicycle and the rings has really captured what this wedding is all about for me

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