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alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Rehearsal dinner planning tips for feeding, toasting, and mingling fun

The tradition of the groom’s parents hosting the rehearsal dinner is going the way of a lot of traditions: out the door. Some grooms have no parents, sometimes the bride’s parents handle it, sometimes the couples themselves handle it, and sometimes there isn’t a groom in the equation at all. When it comes to offbeat weddings, sometimes they forgo the rehearsal dinner entirely. In this case, we’re going to talk about logistics if you’re planning the rehearsal dinner yourself or want to help those are planning it. Let’s get to the rehearsal dinner planning tips!

Wedding weekend tips by @offbeatbride

10 must-have tips for a wedding weekend or multi-day wedding

We get to see a lot of wedding weekends and multi-day weddings on the blog, so we love to see how couples handle their camping weddings, multi-day Indian weddings, safari weddings, and festival-style weekend-long epic parties. Here are 10 tips for a wedding weekend to make sure your guests (and you!) stay informed, entertained, happy, well-fed, and well-rested during your multi-day bash.

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Falling in Lovecraft: So many Lovecraft wedding ideas!

This pair called their wedding theme “Falling in Lovecraft.” As big Lovecraft fans, they had a tentacle gold bracelet, a Cthulhu-headed cufflink set and paisley tie, and even moss and willow for the centerpieces that were inspired by the creatures of Lovecraft.

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Mary & Mike’s most amazing retro sci-fi space station rollerskating wedding

A multi-day party with rollerskating, sci-fi costuming and decor, liquid nitrogen ice cream, “merrymakers,” coffee ground readings, a sci-fi makeup station, personalized Muppets, a “Leisure Listening Lounge,” and omg so much more — this wedding is off the chain. See the amazing photos and costumes right NAO!

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Erin & Jad’s skateboarding and beer trucks camp-out wedding

This week we’re celebrating the tea-length, the mini, and the cocktail — that’s right, it’s short dress week! Today we’ve got the perfect adult summer camp: lawn games, a beer truck, tents, and a s’mores bar. Oh, and two of the cutest skateboarding and crafting couples this side of Camp North Star.

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Meredith & Ainsley’s gingham and glitter wedding weekend

A survey for guest needs, customized snacks in your camp-style guest house, a nostalgia-themed lunch, a pool, trivia, and games all weekend? We are officially ultra-jealous of attendees of this wedding. This couple, who totally knows how to cater to their awesomely diverse community, managed to pull off a stellar wedding weekend full of love, hilarity, and choreographed dance moves.