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Looking for vow renewal ideas? We’ve got vow renewal ceremonies, tons of examples of cute vow renewal dresses, vow renewal scripts and example vows, and more!

The groom painted the dress at this artsy vow renewal

The groom painted the dress at this abstract art-inspired vow renewal

Magdalena and Preston had an abstract art-inspired vow renewal on a rooftop in the Arts District of downtown LA. The inspiration for all of the wedding design (the dress, floral arrangements, invitation suite, tablescapes, and cake) was based on one of Preston’s abstract paintings. Our favorite part? Preston hand-painted Magdalena’s tea-length dress, too!

Come see this rainy day turn sunny just in time for their lovely rooftop vow renewal…

Vow Renewal Gown DIY

This bride altered her original wedding gown for her gorgeous vow renewal

My husband, Anindeep, and I came to our tenth wedding anniversary very much different people than we were so long ago, now personally and emotionally more enriched. We decided a vow renewal was necessary to celebrate ourselves in this new chapter in realizing our individual selves and expressing our togetherness more meaningfully to each other.

Photography (duh) and fashion are priorities for me, so with NO attire budget and exponentially growing dressmaking skills, I suddenly found the confidence to alter my own wedding gown.

This cave vow renewal in Mexico is pure family love

This cave vow renewal in Mexico is pure family love

Entrepreneurs and adventure lovers, Sandi and Jimi, decided at the last minute to renew their vows with their three kiddos in a cenote (a natural pit) while traveling in Playa del Carmen. Pulling from their own cultures and experiences, they crafted a beautiful and intimate ceremony to re-bind their family together.

After that it was getting down to some serious play time with the kids in the wild foliage of Playa del Carmen, which is in no short supply of beauty. Let’s put on our sun-soaked goggles for this cave vow renewal in Mexico.

This couple destroyed the Death Star at their Star Wars-themed vow renewal!

YODA SODA: This couple destroyed the Death Star at their Star Wars vow renewal!

Kerstin and Christian had a gorgeous vow renewal elopement-style in a railway underpass to reaffirm their marriage. For their actual wedding, the couple had to make many compromises, but this time it was all about them. Enter lightsabers, destroying the Death Star during the ceremony, and a toast with Yoda Soda.

Yep, it’s a Star Wars vow renewal in Germany that tickles all our nerdy dreams of an industrial-style wedding. You’ve got to see it…

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A flamingo-filled vow renewal at a renovated brewery (with unity pizza-cutting ceremony!)

Remember Minerva from her insightful guest posts? We’ve got her epic vow renewal that made us love her even more, if that’s possible. This flamingo-filled vow renewal at a 19th-century renovated brewery featured a unity pizza-cutting ceremony, donuts, lots of rosé champagne, and a fun couple’s boudoir shoot!

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So you want to reaffirm your lurve: 9 non-rules for how to plan a vow renewal

We never scoff at more parties. Bring on the parties, amirite?! In this case, we’re talking about vow renewals as your second party. Or maybe vow renewals as an intimate promise between just you and your partner. Either way, there’s so much more flexibility and freedom with vow renewals that it’s hard not to get excited about the possibilities. Want to know how to plan a vow renewal? Here are our non-rules for doing it up renewal-style.