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Offbeat doesn’t mean ungrateful! While we might be all about bucking tradition in a lot of ways, we believe that thank you cards are a must, especially in this age of buying wedding gifts online, and using alternative registry options like honeymoon registries or charity registries. All this in mind, here’s Offbeat Wed’s thank you card advice…

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Copy and paste wedding Thank You note templates (with real registry items) to help get you started

More-often-than-not Thank You card-writing is seen as a tedious task. And not everyone is good at writing out their feels. So I thought I’d help you cheat a little with some Thank You card prompts. (Illustrated with the real gifts from our registry.) So feel free to copy and paste these Thank Yous, and add any of these items to your registry, then make them all your own…

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How to thank people when “thank you” isn’t enough

Everyone got thank-you notes, except the core group of five people who were instrumental in making this whole wedding happen. We’re a close-knit group of geeky, quirky friends and I’ve been at my wits end for months as to how to properly thank these folks. And at last it came to me a few days ago and I kick myself for not thinking of it sooner…

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When to send out all those damn wedding cards and invitations

Save the Dates, shower and bachelor/ette parties, wedding invitations, Thank You cards… when do you need to send out all those damn wedding things? Well, first of all, you don’t NEED to send anything (except Thank You notes), and every wedding is works differently. But here’s a super-helpful guide to when to send out wedding info for maximum efficiency purposes…

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Should I open and use these wedding gifts before my wedding?

We received our first registry gift (yay!) and the wedding is now two months away (eep!). The gift came wrapped, so we do not know exactly what it is, and we do know that the senders will not be able to attend the wedding. Is it okay to open the gift now, so we can write a thank-you note and send it out ASAP, or do we wait until the wedding to open it and send a thank-you? If we do open the gift early, is it bad form to start using it?

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Skip the receiving line and do photos together instead

Ah, the receiving line. That thing that many couples sorta dread, where you stand there awkwardly smiling and hugging people and maybe feeling awkward (…or worse). We loved Mary & Craig’s solution…

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I don’t know if someone got us a wedding gift… should I send a thank you card?

Now that the wedding is over, we have a list of 10 couples who came to the wedding, and did not give anything. It concerns me, because I am hoping that nothing got lost. I just don’t want to mess something up (etiquette wise). And I don’t want to ASK these people if they gave something, in case they didn’t. But the WORST would be not thanking them if they did give something but we just didn’t receive it. What do I do?