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Why you should NEVER dry clean your wedding dress (or any wedding garments) right before your wedding

I have worked in a hotel laundry for the last six years. I have received basic training in dry cleaning — enough to deal with our hotel’s uniforms and basic garments. In the last six years, on a regular basis, I have watched countless brides and grooms send down their wedding garments to be cleaned, often at the last minute. Here’s why that makes me very nervous…

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Bridal suit shopping because I’m a combo platter of femininity and masculine traits

I tried on a couple of the dresses and felt more uncomfortable than I have felt since the fifth grade, when I allowed a girl to put makeup on my face for the first time. I saw the beauty in it — it just didn’t feel right. Why did I want to wear a dress? All I could think about was my desire not to fulfill a stereotype that I actually fit into — the dress/pants lesbian wedding. Was that worth the discomfort that I knew I would encounter on what is supposed to be the best day of my life? NO. Time to look for a new plan.

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Tales from a tuxedo shop: The 5 things you should know about tuxedo rental and fittings

You have decided you want the guys or gals all done up in tuxedos. Yay! That’s awesome. However, you might be not sure where to start. I am the store manager at a family owned tuxedo rental shop in Indiana, and I love my job. I will be the first to say you do not need to rent tuxes if you don’t want to, but today I am going to go over what you should know if you do…

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Gender-bending bride: why I’m wearing a suit and a veil

I went to try on dresses. Me — in all my genderqueer, butch, transmasculine glory — in a traditional bridal salon, trying on wedding gowns. I found “The Dress.” But I didn’t buy The Dress. I’m not going to wear The Dress or any other dress. That’s not the point.

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Zam’s outfit will totally make you rethink everything you know about groom gear

This is Zam. Lily from [vendor-heart link=""]Wild About You Photography[/vendor-heart] photographed Zam and his bride Athena in Hong Kong, and I think we can all agree that he totally freaking ROCKED his groom gear. He claims that his style has been heavily influenced by NBA stars (HA!) but we think he’s totally got his own thing going on — you’re going to lose it when you see his shoes.

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Mix high fashion and low fashion with this style board from Well-Groomed

The key to coming up with an alternative to suits is mixing and matching. Branch out to different brands and price points to create a look that’s an unexpected showstopper. Here’s one example…