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We featured our first steampunk wedding back in 2007, and have been celebrating the Neo-Victorian aesthetic ever since! We’ve got everything from grooms in googles and top hats to brides in gorgeous bustled steampunk wedding dresses… if you like this look, be sure to check out our wedding corset archive, as well.

No shortage of loveliness at this Orcas Island, WA wedding

No shortage of loveliness at this Orcas Island wedding in Washington

Laura and Ben had a really incredible Orcas Island wedding in Washington that’s going to give you green eyes for pretty things. Like what, you say? Try felled redwood decor, succulent studded centerpieces, homemade steampunk-inspired pies, a “Smokey Porter” homebrew, and air plants (even in Laura’s hair!).

How to make antiqued paper for your historical or fantasy wedding

How to make antiqued paper for your historical or fantasy wedding

We’re getting married next month and having a pirate-themed wedding. Any bits of paper we needed (whether invitations, signs, or treasure-hunt clues) I decided to make look old and pirate-y.

This technique would also be great for medieval, historical, steampunk, fantasy, or Victorian themes. Some of you may have done something like this at school, but this is such a simple yet effective bit of DIY I just had to share it!

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This steampunk cake is all dressed up with somewhere to go

There are belt buckles and a ruffled skirt lining one tier, a pearl and cameo choker on the next, a racy and lacy top tier, and of course, a jaunty top hat with a veil on the very top of this steampunk cake. I even spy a big bow in the back! Are you kidding me with all this charm? It’s making me want to wear a cake.

Shall we see more views, including of the pair cutting into this bad boy? On to the steamy cake!

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Have a costumed Nerf gun duel at your historical wedding!

Wendy and Robert rocked a steampunk-themed costume wedding with a small family/close friends ceremony in the morning, and then an extended family spit roast luncheon for the main event. But one of our favorite parts was the steampunk Nerf gun duel! We just had to share it. Here’s the epic battle in full…

Wedding mermaid crowns for your inner mermaid

Skip the veil in favor of these MERMAID CROWNS

Whether you’re channeling Darryl Hannah from Splash (gender-bent remake incoming!), or going goth chic with an Ursula vibe, these wedding mermaid crowns with crystals, seashells, semi-precious stones, and even wood, are the final touch your seaworthy wedding ensemble needs.

Let’s peruse the many versions of this whimsical headpiece style: bohemian, goth, simple, and seriously elaborate. There’s something for any landlubber up in here…

ddd alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Try to absorb all the awesome at this high tea wedding if you can

It was a steampunk meets Alice in Wonderland extravaganza for which we fell HARD. Chloe loves Tim Burton, Nick love steampunk, and they both love being different in general. This high tea wedding took all these themes up a notch with red silk and lace, mechanical clockwork, and seriously gorgeous fashion WITH top hats. Don’t miss the guests’ fashion, jam favors, and the bride’s red striped gown that slayed us dead.