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Offbeat Wed is published on Capitol Hill, so you KNOW we love our Seattle weddings! We’ve got real Seattle weddings, affordable Seattle wedding vendors, and creative Seattle venue ideas for you.

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The Pixels’ Seattle wedding

The offbeat bride: Ingo Pixel, Makeup Artist My offbeat groom: Andy Pixel, Software Developer Location & date of wedding: 7/14/07. Henry Art Gallery and Twilight Exit, Seattle. What made our wedding offbeat: We tried everything we could to stay away from traditional wedding vendors and to involve our friends, family, and amazing network of talented […]

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Christina’s Seattle church wedding and grungey bar reception

The offbeat bride: Christina, Architect/intern My offbeat groom: Michael, Musician/vintage furniture salesman Location & date of wedding: Ceremony at Trinity Church and reception at Sunset Tavern, both in Seattle, June 2007. What made our wedding offbeat: We tried to do things our way and not get caught up in everything we “had to have” for […]

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Vegetable wedding centerpieces

Yay for Riona (of Godawful Wedding Crap fame) and her gorgeous veggie-rich centerpieces. This one features brussels sprout and asparagus, but she also had peppers and radishes as part of her floral centerpieces at her 2006 wedding. What I want to know is whether guests started nibbling on the centerpieces. (Thanks to Ríona for the […]

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My Imaginary Wedding: How Dana & David rocked their two weddings

David and I knew we wanted an elegant and intimate wedding, one that was an extravagant enough affair that we couldn’t invite the world. But being actively involved in the music scene (he as a guitar player, me as a music writer), we also wanted to have a big bad rock and roll bash to celebrate our marriage. So we did both.

Channel the setting sun with these breathtaking sunset gradient gowns from Wai-Ching

Silk wedding dresses from Wai-Ching

For those uninterested in princess wedding dresses, prepare to have your head explode from the innovative gorgeousness that is indie-designer Chrissy Wai-Ching Leung’s dress line. Hailing from Seattle via Chicago, Hong Kong, and Nice, France, Chrissy specializes in making custom silk wedding dresses that fly (or in some cases float) in the face of over-brocaded […]

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This musical theater couple’s wedding was as show called “Wedding: The Musical”

We wrote and produced Wedding! The Musical and had our friends star in it with us. Not only was there popcorn and commemorative posters sold pre-show along with a mime, during the “show” there was music, dancing, lip synching, a trapeze swing, skits to tell the story of our relationship, and eventually a ceremony complete with a ringleader, fire, and uh, missing rings. We also spent 3 months learning a choreographed swing dance and pretended to get in a huge fight in front of the 225 guests before sailing into said dance.