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We’ve been writing about ring warming ceremonies since 2009 and have tons of great ideas and ceremony script ideas for how they can work — even with large weddings! A ring warming ceremony involves passing your rings around to your wedding guests to have them “warm” the rings with blessings and good thoughts. You can learn more about the concept here, and see dozens of beautiful examples below…

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Heather & Jacob’s 1930s inspired, outdoor, vegetarian, lunch-time wedding

The offbeat bride: Heather, Publicist and Fashion Historian (and OBT member “HeatherVaughan“) Her offbeat partner: Jacob, Geologist (artist and DJ) Location & date of wedding: Alvarado Park, Richmond, CA — 09/19/2009 What made our wedding offbeat: We definitely had an unusual theme — Vintage 1930s (a la “The Thin Man” series), But we also had […]

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Mysi & Craig’s antiquarian librarian meets Tom Collins wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Mysi, Fledgling Photographer (and OBT member “mysi anne“) Her Offbeat Partner: Craig, Photographer, Journalist, Historian, Constant Student Location & date of wedding: Lake Summerset Lodge, on Lake Summerset in Davis, Illinois. My parents have a summer house there and we wanted to honor their favorite place. — 7.11.09 What made our wedding […]

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Ring-warming ceremony: a meaningful alternative to the unity candle

The concept is simple: near the beginning of your ceremony, have your officiant let your guests know that your rings will be making their way through the assembled guests, with an invitation for each guest to hold the ring, say a silent prayer/blessing for your marriage, and then pass it to the next guest.

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Hayley & Tyson’s Vintage Garden Party Wedding

The offbeat bride: Hayley, English Teacher Her offbeat partner: Tyson, Jazz Guitarist Location & date of wedding: Hayley’s Auntie and Uncle’s garden in Drysdale, Victoria, Australia on January 3rd, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: We had been together for nine years when we were married. Our wedding was always going to be a celebration […]

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Molly & Laurie’s Island Outdoor Lesbian Yes-We-Can Wedding

We had a Ring Warming during the ceremony where the rings were passed around and guests were asked to take a moment to hold them, infuse them with their physical, emotional, and spiritual warmth…

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Kara & Loop’s Glamourous Indie-Rocker Loft Wedding!

The offbeat bride: Kara, Customer Service Rep – Fashion Her offbeat partner: Loop Haro Location & date of wedding: The Marvimon House in Los Angeles, CA – June 29th, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: Since I am from Minnesota and my husband is from northern California, we needed an easy location that could accommodate […]