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We love wedding registry alternatives like honeymoon registries and charity registries, but we also feel that more traditional registries have their place… this is our spot for offbeat wedding registry advice, etiquette and ideas.

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

5 things Miss Manners hates that I LOVE

I requested the Miss Manners wedding book (published in 2010 — a mere four years ago) this week from my local library. The dilemma of how to address invitations when many of our friends and relations are cohabitating without being married was confusing me, and I figured Miss Manners would have something to say on the topic. She does, of course. She also has thoughts on everything else to do with weddings. I disagree VEHEMENTLY with some of her opinions…

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In which a giant registry store loses our business by ignoring my groom

Husband of the Future and I made an appointment to go to a major retailer to get a start on our registry. We ended up leaving when they totally ignored by groom, stating “Oh, he doesn’t matter. Grooms don’t matter at all! Everyone knows it’s the bride’s day!” So let’s talk about standing up for groom-inclusion and voting with your dollars.

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Is it okay to go off-registry for my friends’ wedding gift?

One of my friends is getting married in about a month, and I checked out her registry to see what kinds of things she and her fiancé need to start their new life together. And their registry is SO BORING! This couple is creative, and funny, and bizarre, and amazing, and NOTHING on the registry reflects that. Is it okay to assume that they just when scanner-gun happy and that it’s okay for me to save them from themselves?

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Delicious wedding or engagement gifts for your favorite foodie couple

It’s that time of year, folks! People are starting to invite you to their weddings, and you’re starting to think “hmm, what the HELL am I going to get them?” Or maybe you’re putting together your registries and thinking “hmm, what the HELL do I need?”

Never fear: Offbeat Bride is here to help you shop for those perfect gifts. Let’s start off with our gift round-up for foodies. Chefs, bakers, and yummy thing makers will totally be thrilled to receive any of these items…

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5 awesome reasons to register for your honeymoon with Traveler’s Joy

Apparently we’re not the only ones who dig our ol’ sponsor Traveler’s Joy. That’s more than likely because Traveler’s Joy makes it easy to register for honeymoon activities, experiences, and other items related to your first travel experience as a married couple.

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Register AND plan your dream honeymoon with Traveler’s Joy

From our recent survey, we know that a lot of you are looking for MOAR HONEYMOON INFO PLZ! So how pleased are you guys to know that Offbeat Bride sponsor and online registry Traveler’s Joy now offers a cool service called Honeymoon Tipster. Keep reading to find out more about the online registry with the honeymoon bonus…