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We’ve got a blanket full of picnic wedding ideas, including menus! You may also want to check out our outdoor weddings archive.

A classy picnic outdoor wedding with lawn games and cheeseburgers

A classy and colorful picnic wedding with lawn games and cheeseburgers

Bayley and Mikahl got married at the stunning Crestmore Manor under the Californian sun. They had an intimate ceremony among colorful decor they described as “classy picnic with rustic charm.” And we are definitely charmed! Bayley’s orange oxford shoes, Mikahl’s pink petticoat, and general adorableness won us over big time.

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Have a picnic with your crew for totally chill wedding party photos

Natalie and Mark’s photographer suggested that they indulge in a small picnic after the ceremony and before their reception — and it looks like such a BRILLIANT idea that I’m sharing it here for you to steal. Check it out. Pack a lil cooler with some snacks — you know you and your peeps are gonna be hungry by then — and grab an adorable blanket or two and a festive basket. Then lounge around for some post-ceremony wedding party photos that showcase you and your closest people being super stylish and super relaxed. What a great way to unwind a bit before hitting up a high-energy ceremony, am I right?

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Jennie & MB’s garden party picnic and a capella wedding

Get ready to have your heart burst from the love encapsulated in this singing, dancing, and joyously laughing wedding. The venue is incredibly sweet, the Hawaiian shirt-clad officiant is darling, and the two brides know just how to bring a community together to share their love of each other and song.

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Emily & Raphael’s handmade, community-centered Texas Hill Country picnic

A gazebo, a bier garten, a pizza and cake buffet, and the Texas Hill Country backdrop — this springtime wedding has my heart palpitating with glee. Loads of DIY projects went into this wedding and all the love and care totally shows. Plus, this couple’s community totally came together to get it all ready. Don’t miss their special kind of reception dance to “Teach Your Children Well,” too!

Andreas & Ariel’s island hippie/raver forest freak-fest (10th anniversary flashback!)

10 years ago today, the wedding that ultimately kicked off the whole weird world that is Offbeat Bride happened. On August 7th 2004, I married Andreas. Then I wrote a book about it. Then I launched a website about the book, and now here we are. To celebrate, I figured I’d fill out a wedding profile myself. If these pics make you curious, you can get the Offbeat Bride book on Amazon for like 50 cents.

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Kathy & Jon’s ceilidh dancing, orchard camping, and game playing wedding

With some of us bundled up for the cold, nothing looks more inviting than a picnic wedding complete with baskets of homemade food, blankets on the fields of an orchard, and lawn games galore. Follow it all up with four hours of ceilidh dancing, and there’s a major party on your hands!