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IMG 3988 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Can we book a last-minute wedding photographer for our elopement?

My partner and I want to elope, but he’s not one for planning ahead. I love his spontaneity, but it doesn’t allow for things like hiring an awesome photographer to capture our day for us. How do we go about finding a last-minute wedding photographer on short notice? Or should we plan for a post-wedding photo shoot instead?

Dips to toasts: 9 things your wedding photographer NEEDS to know before your wedding

Dips to toasts: 9 things your wedding photographer NEEDS to know before your wedding

After photographing 200+ weddings, I have a pretty good gauge on what is likely to happen on most wedding days… but there are times when details don’t get shared with me before hand, and I get caught off guard. I want to make sure I catch the surprise Star Wars entrance, the singing toast from the best man, and all the meticulously crafted DIY details.

This in mind, here are 9 important things to share with YOUR wedding photographer, before your wedding…

Cotton candy, smoke bombs, and LED outfits shine at this wonderfully weird Austin wedding

How to use smoke bombs like a pro in your wedding portraits

Y’all probably remember Jane and Matt’s amazing wedding, right? Their colorful smoke bomb portraits are still whizzing around our dulcet dreams. I needed to know: how easy are these smoke bombs/smoke fountains to use and are there some best practices to make them rock? The answer is totally YES. Here’s how to use smoke bombs in your wedding or engagement photos…

Couples boudoir? Yes it’s a Thing, and it’s pretty badass

Couples boudoir? Yes it’s a Thing, and it’s badass

Boudoir photos have been around for ages. We’re all familiar with the photo of the woman, scantily clad, face turned over her shoulder with the signature lip bite.

Before you think me, or any other couples boudoir photographer for that matter, will force you to don some lacy lingerie for your couples boudoir shoot, let’s crumple that thought up and torch it — unless you want to wear lacy lingerie, then by all means, we can turn the heat up in our studio so you don’t get cold. But I’ll be honest: couples boudoir is a little different from regular boudoir.

it crowd alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

5 tips for acting natural in front of a camera (from a photo pro!)

The biggest hesitation people have about engagement sessions or their wedding day is how they’ll look in photos. Cameras have the magical ability to either make us love or hate how we look. Angles, positioning, lighting, and facial expressions all contribute to how you will appear in a photo. Not to worry, though — you […]

How to win at rockin' an empowering and intimate couple's session

Life hack for bonding with your partner: an intimate couple’s session (and how to rock it!)

The goal of an intimate couple’s session is to capture your connection and love you feel for your partner. Intimate sessions can be for newlyweds, anniversaries, or a way to take re-connect with your partner. The point is to capture beautiful photos of you being yourselves in your place or a location where you fill comfortable with the surroundings. Here are some ways to rock your intimate couple’s session and make it a serious bonding experience for you and your partner.