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A backyard wedding (that makes $5k look like a million bucks!)

A chic backyard wedding (that makes $5k look like a million bucks!)

Lauren and Adrian took a $5,000 budget and made wedding magic in their own backyard. They were most interested in doing fun things with flowers, the sweet first look under an apple tree, and the FOOD. We’re talking really good looking sammies and a spread that makes any table look mild in comparison.

Most of all? We’re head over heels for the Lauren’s simple, chic, and so fabulous black and white dress. You won’t want to miss it (and the whole chic backyard wedding to boot!)…

Autumn colors and epic love were on full display at this joyful wedding

Fall colors and epic love were on full display at this jubliant wedding

Give us a fall wedding anywhere — but when it’s in Ontario and the colors are out-of-this-world vivid, it’s just magical. That’s what we’ve got going on with Leanne and Paula’s wedding. There were shout-outs to baseball, Superman, Jewish traditions (including an almost-fail-but-still-success hora dance!), and a fabulous brooch bouquet.

Your princess IS in this castle: an elegant Super Mario wedding

Your princess IS in this castle: an elegant Super Mario wedding

If you’re an old skool Nintendo fan, you need to see this elegant Super Mario wedding. We’re talking felt fire flower bouquets and boutonnieres, tossed baddie plushes, Mario shoes and color scheme, and a kick-ass photo booth that would make any video game fan change their profile picture. Are you ready for this blast from ’80s past? Let’s take a peek at the whole gamer wedding…

This geek wedding starring Darth Vader wins the internet today

This geeky wedding decor starring Darth Vader wins the internet today

Ginny and Dave are members of the Ontario Ghostbusters, a charity costume organization that participates in a variety of events in order to interact with fans and support charities. So the Ghostbusters theme was definitely prominent. The rest of the decor did not disappoint. We’re talking awesomely geeky centerpieces featuring the faves from TV and movies, full-size proton packs, and Pixar, Harry Potter, and Star Wars galore. Darth Vader and some stormtroopers made an appearance at the ceremony, too. Keep an eye out for a rogue Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man who tried to ruin everything.

Twenties wedding as seen on @offbeatbride #roaring20s #wedding

A rustic 1920s wedding with an epic first dance lift

Shannon and Paul DIYed their 1920s-themed wedding with tons of rustic and vintage finds, gorgeous florals, and burlap and lace touches. They also included their children from their previous marriages, which brought them all together as a new family in some seriously chic duds. D’aww. Don’t miss the killer first dance (lifts included!), the super stylish 1920s-inspired wedding party fashion, and one-of-a-kind venue.

goth history wedding alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

A goth history nerd wedding with Cthulhu, Beetlejuice, and a headpiece to die for

Prepare yourself for something so rad, you’ll piss yourself. Think a Cthulhu cake, a gorgeous purple and black gown, an unbelievable ship-inspired headpiece, nerd burlesque with Anne Boleyn and Lydia from Beetlejuice, and a shell bouquet of purple, black, and gold. You’ll be watching this mouth agape, we assure you.