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Neurodivergent weddings are the freaking BEST! This category is our celebration of readers who identify as autistic, ASD, or otherwise non-neurotypical. This archive also includes some posts about working with anxiety disorders, ADHD, and other mental health challenges that may pop up for neurodivergent folks.

awesome wedding photography by Milestone Images alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

“EVERYONE has something they’re worried about”: How one photographer helps battle your wedding self-consciousness

EVERYONE of my clients has something they’re worried about. Everyone is either mourning the death of a parent, or managing divorced relatives, or grappling with body issues. So am I. We are all so blessedly, amazingly human, and I’m here to make you comfortable and document all the sweetness of your day. This is how I do it…

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I had an anxiety attack right before my wedding: What it meant, what it didn’t, and how to cope

In an attempt to stave off further anxiety, I decided to do what any good writer would do and research. I searched “I’m anxious before my wedding,” “How do get through the wedding when you’re anxious,” “How to not be anxious for your wedding when you’re an anxious person in general.” Similar to how googling an illness automatically tells you you have cancer, every search I made indicated that my marriage was doomed. That awful little voice in my head was telling me They are right, even though I knew they weren’t. Wasn’t there someone out there who suffered from anxiety and could relate to what I was going through?

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Panic at the dress shop: 4 secrets to wedding dress shopping when you have a panic disorder

Although there are almost as many panic triggers as there are people living with the disorder, some of the more common triggers include being in an enclosed space or feeling unable to leave, getting too hot, and feeling scrutinised. This can make wedding dress shopping a scary prospect for a bride who gets panic attacks. Here are some tips to make wedding dress shopping with your panic attacks in tow a little easier…

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9 tips for a disability-friendly wedding (…especially when you’re not visibly disabled)

Unless I’m moving around none of my disabilities are particularly visible. However amongst our guests we had lots of friends and relatives with health issues of varying degrees and severity. We chose our venue and all the details of the day based on what would make everything as comfortable as possible for everyone invited. Unfortunately I pretty much forgot to take into account my own health. In hindsight, these are the things I learned or wish I’d have done at my own wedding…

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Help you down the aisle I must: The day Yoda empowered an autistic flower girl

Tara, recently went to a friend’s wedding and noticed that one of the flower girls had a strange little green Jedi friend escort her down the aisle, in the form of an awesome backpack. Unable to resist asking how Yoda crashed the wedding, Tara found out the story , and it’s almost as amazing as the pictures.