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Inspiration for wedding dresses & accessories

Tame your grabby hands while we share this show-stopping wedding fashion inspiration

I wanted to end the year with a bang and pull together some of the BEST wedding fashion inspiration we could find from some of our best and most stylish vendors. They decided to blow our ever-loving minds with stunning dresses, dapper AF suits, handmade crowns, masks, custom suits, hand-painted shoes, dresses made from vintage tablecloths, and even dinosaur purses.

I’ve got some serious grabby hands going on for these dresses, suits, and accessories. It’s time to feast your eyes on this smorgasbord of fashion…

Become a monarch (butterfly) with a nature-inspired butterfly crown

Become a monarch (butterfly) with these nature-inspired butterfly crowns [updated!]

Y’all know we LOVE flower crowns, bad-ass metal crowns, and headpieces of all sorts. But how about really channeling Mother Nature with these butterfly crowns that look like you’re being engulfed in multicolored wings. Don’t float away until you see what I’ve found: gilded gold butterflies, embroidered butterfly veils, delicate butterfly fascinators, and so many other ways to be a Monarch… butterfly.

Bad-ass wedding tiaras for when you're more warrior princess than fairy princess

Bad-ass wedding crowns for when you’re more warrior princess than fairy princess

Flower crowns, fairy weddings, leaves, and princess pearls… sometimes they’re just not YOU. Maybe you’re a bad-ass warrior queen, a leather-loving goth babe, or a would-be conquerer. These are the wedding crowns on the darker side of glam. Let’s see what metal, leather, and intricate crystal wedding headpieces we were able to find out in the wild…

One cancer survivor's 3 non-wig ways to rock being a bald bride

Beauty from pain: A cancer survivor’s non-wig ways to rock being a bald bride

“Will you postpone the wedding until after your cancer is gone?” asked my friend the week I was re-diagnosed with lymphoma. My response was so feral it surprised even me. “Honey, come hell or high water, I am motherloving having this wedding, and you better motherloving be there because I don’t know how long I’ve got left.”

My cancer came back a few months before my wedding, and I wanted to use my baldness as an opportunity to recognize cancer’s presence while living through it with beauty and joy. Here’s my story…

lead alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

These masterfully crafted paper flower headpieces are fascinator dreams

There’s some serious beauty happening here, most especially with the incredible paper flower headpieces (and belts! and adornments!) by Papel (Paper).

They’re intricately folded and strategically placed in ways that make us bow down to how amazing they are. Try not to pee yourself when you see…

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Super fun and whimsical feather wedding decor

We love feathers and peacock feathers and all the ways you can inject some natural elements into your wedding fashion and decor. We’ve rounded up some of the loveliest and most fun ways to use feathers at your wedding. Think headpieces, centerpieces, nail art, rings, guest books, and all kinds of other ways to make your wedding take flight.