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Hawaii wedding ideas, Hawaii elopements, Hawaii wedding venues, and Hawaii wedding dresses?! YES!! We’ve got them all here, and we can’t wait to show them to you.

A Maui elopement with a volcano backdrop as seen on @offbeatbride

An elopement in Maui with a volcano backdrop

Max and Mel moved Maui to forge a new beginning for themselves and then met through a paddling club. Between karaoke after-parties and Maui adventures, loved blossomed. They decided to have a small elopement in Maui with the East Maui volcano, Haleakalā, as their backdrop. If you think this meant amazing photos, you’ll totally right. Think wide open vistas, dramatic cliffs, and moody clouds.

Halloween wedding in Hawaii

A Vader officiant, dance to the aisle, and mass golf cart march at this Hawaiian Halloween wedding

Keilin and Sean DIYed SO MUCH for their Hawaiian Halloween wedding including the handmade Halloween houses on each table. Seriously, investigate those photos for the details — so worth it. But just wait until you see the bride and groom in their dapper finery, the mass exodus to the ceremony on golf carts, the DANCE TO THE AISLE, and the Darth Vader officiant. This wedding kills it with fun and meticulous details.

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Jess & George’s Hawaiian luau with a theatrical flair (co-starring hurricanes!)

A Playbill-style program, a lei ceremony by a force-of-nature officiant… and some actual forces of nature in the form of a hurricane and an earthquake — this ohana-focused wedding in Hawaii is nothing if not exciting. Don’t miss the kilts, the pineapple cake, the gorgeous guest book art piece, and all the luuurve.

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Robert & Cecily’s jumpin’ the broom in Kauai wedding

This bright and beautiful Hawaiian day was meant for these two. After a handfasting on the mainland, they continued their ceremony on the beach in Kauai with a lei ceremony, jumping the broom, and a dancing on the beach. This one is intimate, lovely, and true to this adorable pair.

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Kristin & Tavia’s island ‘ohana celebration with ono grinds

Let’s see: a clifftop ceremony in Hawaii, shaved ice, ono grinds (great food), and a blended ‘ohana (family) — get ready for some serious sweetness. And just wait until you hear about their favorite moment in the car ride over! It definitely ups the happy Hawaiian family ante.

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Kelley & Michael’s beachside Hawai’ian elopement (with ring forging!)

Keeping a secret for a whole year? Not this couple’s forte, but they did it! Planning a sweet and scenic Hawai-ian elopement with back-up plans for bad weather? That they can do! They powered through the secrecy and it was all worth it when they stood touching foreheads overlooking a craggy and fabulous beach as a married couple. Oh, and you’ll never guess what Tolkien-esque wizardry went into their wedding rings!