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Mixed gender wedding parties are the best — we love bridesboys, and this archive is our celebration of GROOMSGIRLS! What if your sister is the your “best man”? What if your BFF from college is your groomsgirl? We’ve got lots of ideas and advice here…

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Marriage equality is for wedding parties too: 5 tips for bridesmen

Marriage equality has arrived and it’s not just for “the gays.” Wedding customs are evolving for all. Wedding parties are progressing, as well, and the tradition of “boys on one side of the aisle, girls on the other” is being adapted so that each spouse-to-be gets to stand with their tightest pals — regardless of gender. But not everybody is ready for this party. Some guests see a bridesman or groomsgal and don’t know what to do. Here are a few simple tips for managing OPA (“Other People’s Anxiety”) and performing at your very best.

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Alison & Dodge’s skulls and zombies retro wedding

When the “something blue” in a wedding is a big blue streak in the bride’s hair, you know you’re in for some fun. Don’t miss the custom Batman Converse, the retro fabulous bridesmaids dresses, and the zombie references. Oh, and wait until you see the cake they won in a contest! Free cake is good… free AMAZING cake is awesome.

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Keli & James’ video games comedy and butterflies wedding

They met playing Final Fantasy, had tons of gamer-happy music, and an epic Portal cake. I think we’re looking at a gamer’s paradise wedding here. A real live stand-up comedian at the reception made this dance-free wedding have no lack of entertainment. Oh, and you’ll love how the bride was given away by her dad and stepdad! Adorableness: check.

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Elizabeth & Joshua’s “spring in winter” orange grove wedding

Orange groves, bee details, and pastel hues: it’s the stuff of miracles when snow covers many of us. This wedding also boasts a fabulous handmade dress, potluck food (AND potluck performances!), a tree planting ceremony, and adorable wedding party fashion. So much sweetness, so little time.

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A colorful gay Mexican Dia de los Muertos wedding

This wedding explodes with color, papel picado, and Dia de los Muertos imagery. But seriously… the best parts are the choreographed ceremony entrance and the amazing choreographed hip hop first dance (that we teased last week!). Don’t fret, because there are videos for both that you don’t want to miss!

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Jenn & Doug’s silly, song-filled, colorful trivia-fest

A bit of trivia for you: This couple’s matching reds and rings will make you swoon. You’ll love how this couple got all their guests involved in their wedding, from crafty table games to speeches and songs.