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What do you call it when you go to the courthouse to make it legal months or years after having a commitment ceremony? We call that GETTING LEGALLED, and it’s awesome. (Note that there’s also the reverse, GETTING WEDDINGED, where you skipped the wedding and just got married at the courthouse for practical purposes, but then decide to throw a big reception for your friends and family months or even years later.)

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Which states have gender neutral marriage certificates?

I’m non-binary, and she’s binary trans. Neither of us have done anything to medically or therapeutically transition and probably won’t be any time soon. We were both born and currently live in Tennessee, so even if we did medically transition, I’m pretty sure we’re out of luck when it comes to changing our birth certificates. It would be ideal to have a marriage license that uses gender neutral terms like “partner” or “spouse.”

Are there any states which have gender neutral marriage certificate language?

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My boyfriend doesn’t want a legal marriage. What can I do to make him reconsider?

My boyfriend has major trust issues from infidelity in his previous marriage. He made it abundantly clear during the early stages of our relationship that he never wanted to remarry. However, he knew that marriage was a must for me. He doesn’t want to legally be tied to someone. And I simply don’t understand how to compromise on this one. What happens when we have kids? What happens when one of us is in the hospital? I’m so lost and confused and don’t know how to meet in the middle.

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Marriage legal changes you NEED to know about (in plain English, we promise!)

You’re married! Now that you’ve gone from “Friends with Benefits” to “Couple Sharing Actual Legal Benefits” there is a lot to do to put your married house in order. I now pronounce you… about to do A LOT more paperwork. You need to update the beneficiaries for ALL potential sources of income individually with the relevant institutions to ensure a smooth transition of funds/ownership. Fear not, offbeat couples! Here is a handy chart of who EACH of you should update, and for what. In plain English.

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How to get a marriage license: tips and tricks for the engaged and confused

If you’re planning to get legally married, the most important step to research is how to get a marriage license. Make sure you know your location’s rules before embarking on your magical wedding roller coaster. Here are the basic steps to obtaining the golden ticket to your legal marriage.

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We already had a big wedding, now how do we celebrate getting legalled?

So here’s the thing: my wife and I had our wedding already, as we never knew when, if ever, Prop 8 would be repealed. Thankfully it did! We can now legally get married. How can we have a “part two,” without it being as big as the first and having everyone ask so many questions? Any ideas on how to pull that off? Is anyone else in the same position as we are in now?

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A “getting legalled” wedding sequel at the San Francisco Pride Parade

You might remember Meghan and Anne’s super fun log-cabin bagpipe-y wedding from a few years ago. And although they totally respected their wedding as, well, their wedding, they also wanted to take advantage of the benefits of getting legalled! So, right after the San Francisco Pride Parade in June, after they had finished playing with their bagpipe band, they headed over to City Hall to do the deed in all their parade finery.