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Oof. From momzillas pressuring you to lose weight to not inviting family to your wedding to dealing with angry siblings to estranged fathers to angry sisters and bridesmaids… this is our archive of how to handle family drama from wedding planning. We also highly recommend our conflict resolution posts!

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Kristina & Todd’s classic punk-rock wedding

Tattooed bride and bridal party, a custom ceremony performed by a self-described atheist minister, and punky music selections… Kristina and Todd present the “classic punk rock wedding.”

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I DON’T WANT YOUR STUPID MONEY, MOM: How to turn down financial help

My parents offered to pay for most of our wedding next summer, which seemed great at first. But within four days of being engaged, my mom had already used the phrase “If i’m paying for it i will have X” and is being very very pushy about choosing a venue…”

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Momzilla and wedding budgeting

Everyone warns you about Bridezilla, but no one tells you about how your mom will morph into Momzilla! My simple rule: If mom’s payin’, you need to listen to what she’s sayin’.

For the longer answer, keep reading.

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Offbeat Bride is good for moms, too!

“My mother called me and told me that she had never even considered that flowers were optional — it just seemed like something you had to do. Long story even longer, she spent an hour perusing Offbeat Bride and told me how much fun it all looked like, and how she just assumed since she had always seen things done a particular way, it had never occurred to her that it didn’t have to be that way. “

Dealing with guest list drama

It’s another episode of Offbeat Bride video advice! Woohoo! Apologies for the delay on this one — this vid is actually a few weeks old (my hair is now six inches shorter), but I was having issues with my camera’s memory card. Bla bla bla, technical difficulties whatever — here we go! Offbeat Bride Advice: […]

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OUTSHINE THE BRIDE is the BEST wedding dress code

“The ‘Outshine the Bride’ runway show was easily the high point of the reception! We provided gag gifts (a clip-on veil and a bow tie) for the winners of the runway walk-off.”