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Piñatas, tacos, & cascarones at this Mexican-inspired DIY wedding in Chicago

ATTN: Other people’s cultures are NOT your wedding theme

A letter from a reader: “I’m soooooo excited about you featuring Latino/x weddings for Hispanic Heritage Month — just PLEASE be mindful, respectful, and recognize that culture, customs, rituals, even religions are not a wedding theme.” Where’s the line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation with weddings?

"Why do you feature non-black couples with dreadlocks?" The answer is complex...

“Why do you feature non-black couples with dreadlocks?” The answer is complex…

“I’m honestly a little surprised to see you feature non-black people sporting dreadlocks for their wedding day. I won’t go into why this is racist, but let there be no question that it’s racist no matter the intent. I just wanted to express how jarring it was to see on such a progressive site.” Here’s our take on dreadlocks and cultural appropriation…

Is it cultural appropriation to have Japanese paper cranes at my wedding?

Is it cultural appropriation to have Japanese paper cranes at my wedding?

I started folding origami cranes obsessively back in elementary school after reading the very sad story about Sadako, a Japanese girl who survived the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima only to develop leukemia and die while working to fold 1,000 cranes. As a result, I would love to use origami cranes in our wedding. Is this cultural appropriation?

decolonize your wedding on offbeat bride alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Decolonialize your wedding! Acknowledging Indigenous territory with a wedding land acknowledgment

When my partner and I discussed the elements we’d like to see in our wedding ceremony, a land acknowledgement was one of the first things that came to mind. A wedding land acknowledgement is an expressive gesture of reconciliation, respect, and goodwill. So, what does this have to do with your wedding?

intercultural name change alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Tradition, confusion, and appropriation: Changing your name in an intercultural marriage

There’s a lot to consider when contemplating a name change, of course: personal branding, publications if you’re an writer, your spouse’s feelings on the matter, your own thoughts. But there are extra things to mull over if your marriage is an intercultural one. With that in mind, here’s what I thought about when making my decision…

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Are the gifts I’m getting for my attendants cultural appropriation?

I’m thinking about buying my bridal party luchador masks. But here’s the deal: I am not Mexican. I am a fan of the wrestling style, but not a huge one. I just think they’re delightful.

Does this seem like co-opting another culture? I mean, it isn’t like Dio De Los Muertos, where it’s steeped in religion, but… what do you think?