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Thinking of having a no-kids wedding? We’ve done lots of posts about not inviting children to your wedding (we sometimes call these “child-free weddings”), and have great of advice about how to word your invitations to avoid family drama.

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How to tell your family that your wedding will be adults-only

I want to send an email to our family members letting them know that the wedding will be adults only. While I still can’t control the way anybody interprets the message, doing it this way at least allows us to control the words that they see/hear. This was really difficult to write, but here’s what I’ve come up with…

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Jessica & Hector’s “’til death do us part” glam fiesta wedding

After seeing this wedding, there is no way we all won’t be in the mood for Mexican food and a full-on fiesta — which is exactly what this wedding entails. Papel picado, an awesome Mexican restaurant, and tons of DIYed decor worthy of the event make this colorful shindig a stunner. Add in the gorgeous vintage-style chapel and sweet mother/daughter impromptu dance, and you’ll be in love with this love.

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Megan & Joe’s relaxed daytime wedding with a hug line

This wedding is all about learning experiences: you don’t need fancy “yay” flags when simple ones bring as much fun, dads are sometimes more mushy-gushy than they let on (see the flashing baby photos for proof!), and sometimes a daytime wedding with fabulous food (drooool potatoes) is totally the way to go. Plus: learn what the hell a “hug line” is and how you can get one, too!

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Audrey & Etienne’s French cheese-loving wedding at a ski resort

Let’s travel to France for, oh, just a little ol’ wedding in a ski lodge in the Alps. It’s complete with cheese-laden catering, a hot chocolate bar, and geeky Star Wars details to make sure that we’re all over this. Your foodie/geeky/dream vacation is here in wedding form, my friends. As if you needed any more temptation, you’ll want to see how they picked their honeymoon destination and how the bride gets everyone’s attention for her speech!

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Anna & Russell’s scientific gothic humanist wedding

A rockin’ red dress, a stack of chocolatey brownies, and a museum celebrating all things science? Check, check, double check! The Humanist ceremony upstairs in a library full of scientific texts, the reception downstairs among funky science installations, and a giant statue of a favorite scientist for photos ops round out this wedding’s fabulous setting. Read on for more… for SCIENCE!

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Amy & Jess’ glittery rustic barn wedding

Take one adorably crazy cat man with awesome hair, one Rubik’s cube-teaching bride, lots of helpful yoga-performing and cupcake tier-fixing friends and family, and a weekend of activities, and you’ll get a wedding I want to have attended. Sadly, I didn’t, but we can relive the events with wistful eyes and share in the joy that is a wedding with puzzle place cards and crossword programs.